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playing TES:Arena again...

…it’s still the same playthrough I started quite a long time ago. You see, I am a slow type of gamer – I take pleasure in the process rather than results. 137 more words


Teachers get paid enough already -

Money, it makes the world go it is what most people base their success on. We work to get better money so we can have better things, eat better meals and live better lives. 1,377 more words


Day 12: "Something about Europe happened over the weekend"

Yes, this was the first note I made in Public Affairs yesterday evening.

This time it’s the politicians who’ve delivered the juicy goss for our class. 506 more words

Eyes on the Future: 14. Duty-Bound

“Dovahkiin,” Paarthurnax greeted me, and his voice rang over the mountain as if he aimed to be heard down in Ivarstead. He sat on top of his wall as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn’t moved for weeks and waited for me. 7,691 more words


Return to Skyrim

For the last couple of days I’ve been diving into Skyrim again for the first time in quite a while. It’s a comforting, familiar friend, and I’m greatly enjoying a couple of mods that I’ve downloaded. 705 more words


SharePoint 2013 REST API: Search using HTTP POST

SharePoint 2013 REST API: Search using HTTP POST

SharePoint 2013 provides REST API to do Search. There are two flavors of REST API for Search. 622 more words