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Cara Mengetahui Apakah Antivirus Anda Berjalan atau Tidak

Kali ini saya akan memberikan tips bagaimana cara mengetes antivirus kita berjalan baik atau tidak. Pasti di komputer kalian sudah memasang antivirus dari berbagai nama. Namun, apakah antivirus yang anda pasang di komputer berjalan dengan baik? 79 more words


The Templar of Skyrim - Capture

Day 1

My first sensation is pain. In my experience this never bodes well. I hear the sounds of wagon wheels and the distinct clop of horse hooves. 833 more words


The Journal of Nilas Helan: The Greyboards

Day 20

The man that had spoken introduced himself as Arngeir, the speaker for the Greybeards. He questioned me on my motives for arriving at High Hrothgar, and i told him that he had summoned me. 542 more words


The Journal of Nilas Helan: High Hrothgar

Day 19

I took a wagon and lead my horse to Whiterun. From there, it would be quite the journey back to Iverstead, then up the Throat of the World to High Hrothgar. 683 more words


The Sequel

The games industry is massively sequel driven, almost to the point of self-parody. There is a game unironically titled “Final Fantasy 15″. We’re on the fifth named version of Grand Theft Auto, and the eighth actual version. 950 more words

Game Design

The Journal of Nilas Helan: The Break of Dawn

Day 18

I made my way westward towards the Shrine of Meridia in order to return her beacon. My new horse made the journey a hundred times easier, and I got there within an hour. 566 more words