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Free TES goody bag!

The TES are giving up to 3 goody bags away with wall planner, vouchers etc. If you are an OHS NQT and would like one please email me on my school email and I will try to get them! First come, first served!

Reflections on Leadership and Management

A letter in the ‘Ask Tom’ column of the TES recently prompted us to reflect on the impact a poor management decision can have on an organisation, particularly when a bad decision can be one of those ‘Sliding Doors’ moments. 586 more words


3 Days In...

After completing the Teach First Summer Institute I went on a two and a half week whistle top tour of West Coast America (hence the lack of posts). 112 more words

Jalan Menjadi (Calon) Diplomat Kementerian Luar Negeri

Saya memulai tahun 2014 dengan perasaan bahagia dan setengah-tak-percaya. Bahagia karena akhirnya apa yang saya impikan sejak SMA akhirnya bisa mulai tercapai dan setengah-tak-percaya karena nampaknya apa yang baru saja saya raih masih merupakan hal yang sangat mustahil untuk dicapai. 3,036 more words

Inspiring Thoughts

Eyes on the Future: 9. Silent City

“You’re green.”

I was swallowing convulsively the saliva that gathered in my mouth, fighting the waves that churned through my stomach. Damned poison, and the foul water had only made it worse. 7,746 more words

The Elder Scrolls

Is Gordon Ramsey the Answer?

In response to Vic Goddard’s Piece in the TES, July 25th 2014.
In which he applied Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares to schools, and I now look to apply it to my F.E class room. 423 more words


Morrowind Modding Showcases - Episode Five

Episode five is now live, continuing the tradition of covering twelve different mods in twelve different categories! Some of these mods are new, some are old, and a few are well know, while others have been largely neglected. 64 more words