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EFL/ESL Teaching Tip: Things Teachers Should know about Pronunciation

This week’s video features James, the Head of Teacher Training here at Rennert, sharing some information about pronunciation that every language teacher should be aware of. 179 more words


Wilderwords: Phrasal Verbs

This video introduces the concept of phrasal verbs in English. The video is for ESL students all over the world, but was created for francophone Québecois who wish to learn English or improve their spoken English on their own.


From the very beginning…

As many other TEFL teachers can, I’m sure, empathise with, living and working in England seems pretty dull after you have taught abroad. I found out about a position as an Art and English teacher, based in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and couldn’t escape the feelings of butterflies that overcame me. 443 more words


Common English Mistakes and Mix-ups: lend and borrow


Some students find these two words confusing while others have no problem. However, I figured that it couldn’t hurt to write a short explanation :). 499 more words


EFL / ESL Teaching Tip: Two Helpful Websites for your Students

This week’s video features yours truly introducing two cool websites that students can use outside of class to work on their English. They are wordreference.com and lyricstraining.com. 531 more words



Image courtesy of Simon Powell

I woke up this morning and this was spinning in my head. As I write this, I have a feeling it should have stayed in there where it made more sense (at least to me). 610 more words

Whirlwind Month and a Bit

Wow I just need to catch my breath…

The month of March was crazy, hectic, stress-filled, but also very rewarding. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went back to school to get my TESOL certification, so that I can teach ESL.  518 more words