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eleventh hour

the last possible moment
—Most of the students wasted their time and waited until the eleventh hour to study for the test.

Jesus told a story about a landowner who went out in the early morning and hired some men to work in his vineyard. 359 more words


Teaching Pronunciation

Our trainees worked hard at coming to grips with the phonemic alphabet in their pronunciation session this past weekend. They learned the symbols to represent the sounds of the English language, and how using the script in class can help English learners better understand English pronunciation. 26 more words

I can't

remember at what age I heard about and fell in love with the Peace Corps,  but let’s just say that this has been my dream for a very, very long time. 460 more words


suffer the little children; suffer the children

suffer the little children; suffer the children
to show sympathy or concern for the young
—If you want to learn more about poverty in New York, you should read Dr. 179 more words


Lazarus rising from the dead; modern-day Lazarus

a person who returns to success after suffering defeat; someone who is revived after being clinically dead or who comes back from a situation in which death seemed the certain outcome… 192 more words


prodigal son; prodigal child; prodigal

someone who strays away from the expectations of his parents or those watching over him
—We are happy to report that all three of our dogs that ran away have returned home. 759 more words


cross to bear

trouble that must be endured
—I know you think your job is hard, but we all have our crosses to bear.

Whether he was talking about Old Testament figures (such as Jonah) or using imagery from his present day, Jesus used familiar things to help the people learn new ideas.The Jewish people knew about crosses, because crucifixion was the method of capital punishment used by the Romans. 232 more words