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Student mutiny and Pathways 2 supporting materials

The final week of the semester is here at this English language preparatory program, and students are sensing instructors’ lowered enthusiasm and are basically mutinying. From my experience, students have a special technique, which some call in Arabic سحب /saħab/, meaning… 221 more words


The Struggle

Everyday, we all run into struggles. It could be the struggle of waking up, the struggle of realizing you have classes in a few days while most people would be enjoying their holiday break, or even the struggle of kicking laziness in the ass and trying to do something productive with your life… 2,310 more words


Learning Chinese: An Experiment by an ESL Teacher - The First Two Weeks

It has been two weeks since I began trying to learn Chinese as a second language.  My intention was to try and learn another language as an experiment intended to help me empathize with the challenges that the students I teach confront on a daily basis trying to learn English.   417 more words


Extra English: The Importance of Social Clubs in EFL

As we are growing up, our parents usually force us into a plethora of social clubs and extra-curricular activities. Even though “Easter Football Camp” still haunts me, I have fond memories of trampolining, kickboxing, Greek school, swimming and drama club, just to name a few! 778 more words


Makes me wonder: What can three languages do?


This was one of the things I learned during my CELTA course that really stuck with me.

I always thought as a teacher, I should always be in control of the classroom – like an omnipresent spirit guide or something.

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ESL student pro tip #12: Mind the font when plagiarizing

Students seem to either, one, keep whatever default font and size that Word opens with, or, two, change them, usually to make it bigger as if there is more content (another ESL Pro Tip). 99 more words