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Sacrifice a goat - Listen to Spotify (almost Black Metal right there)

Been a good few weeks since I have checked in. Mostly because I don’t want to bore those of you who are willing to read this with pointless posts on a daily basis. 688 more words


The Ups and Downs in Preparing for Exams

[/] Done for my course in College Writing in TESL/TOEFL, with the mechanics of: the thesis statement, topic sentences and concluding sentence.


The Ups and Downs in Preparing for Exams… 737 more words

Asasi Tesl


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In 2010, the BBC produced a documentary series called The Genius of Design. I was taken with how design has changed over the last century and the influence it has had on so many areas of our lives. 1,626 more words

Video in ELT: Moving from Passive to Active Part 5 – Interacting (Social Asynchronous Webinar)

This is the final instalment of the Social Asynchronous Webinar – Video in ELT: Moving from Passive to Active. If you are interested in watching the previous sections, here are the post: 115 more words


a time off from work, often used for studying, writing, doing research, or traveling
—My professor will not be teaching next year. He’s taking a sabbatical to finish writing his book. 360 more words



someone who is blamed for another’s wrongdoing
—The teacher refused to be made the scapegoat for the students poor grades.

God gave Moses instructions on how the people were to give their offerings and sacrifices. 487 more words


Commence Head-Spinning

Ahhh, the pleasures of a job search: seated comfortably, sipping a margarita with an amused smirk (me, that is – margaritas rarely smirk) as I watch the cream of the worldwide ESL industry swing at each other with lengths of rusted rebar for a coveted spot of carpet upon which to kneel before me and beg for my attention. 671 more words