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cast the first stone

to judge or blame unfairly or too quickly
—Whenever a government official is caught breaking the law, the local journalists seem perfectly happy to cast the first stone. 177 more words


blind leading the blind

people guiding others even though they don’t have enough skill or knowledge
—I heard that Joe is teaching the Chinese class. Didn’t he spend only a month in China? 160 more words


Kaifeng, China - Part 3

Finally getting back to blogging. Again.

One morning at breakfast in the campus cafeteria, while in Kaifeng, Jackie turned to me, kind of out of nowhere, and said, “Kristina.”  I gave him my full attention.   1,564 more words

Just Me

sign of the times; signs of the times

an example that shows how society has become, usually showing how bad things are
—Now that the economy is failing, long lines of people looking for jobs are a sign of the times. 185 more words


walk on water

to be above reproach; to have God-like abilities
—She’ll never disagree with her father. She thinks he walks on water.

Jesus did many miracles, to help people and to show his power. 203 more words


head on a platter; head on a plate

severe punishment
—When the neighbor’s son put a dent in Tracy’s new car, she was in no mood for forgiveness. Instead, she called for his head on a platter. 290 more words


weeping and gnashing of teeth

exaggerated anguish

—If the team loses the championship game, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth throughout the whole city.

After finishing the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus came down from the mountain and traveled around, teaching and healing people. 219 more words