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2013 Tesla Model S Review

Founded in California, Tesla’s first product was the 2008 all-electric Roadster derived from the Lotus Elise. Due to its high asking price and its compromised driveability, the Roadster was not the success that Tesla hoped for. 1,329 more words


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Het eerste jaar met de Tesla Model S

De verjaardagen van onze honden kan ik niet onthouden, die van onze Tesla wel :). Vorige week 13 september hadden we de Tesla precies een jaar. 994 more words

Cijfers Elektrisch Rijden NL t/m aug 2014

Hierbij de nieuwe Nederlandse cijfers elektrisch vervoer t/m augustus 2014. Totaal nu 39.061 personenauto’s met een stekker  in Nederland op kenteken (eind juli: 38.166… 192 more words

Tesla just hit the pothole Elon Musk warned investors about

Investors may have ignored Elon Musk’s big warning about the electric carmaker he founded, Tesla Motors, but they didn’t ignore a message from one of the company’s more prominent supporters. 261 more words

Velocity Factor - 2014 Tesla Model S

This customer came to us wanting to give his brand new Tesla Model S a unique touch.  We improved the appearance with custom brake caliper painting. 117 more words


EV Battery Deathmatch 2013

Of the major companies that make EVs, the best well known are the much-adored Chevy Volt, the affordable Nissan Leaf, and the sleek Tesla Model S.   574 more words

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