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The first two days - Madrid to the South of England

So, the whole point of Drive & Dream is to make electric car touring as easy and pleasant as possible, in order that people can overcome their worries and start buying electrics by the million. 976 more words

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Very interesting article describing a trip from Madrid to Scotland in an electric Tesla Model S! To be continued...

Tesla Might Find Success in China, but the Results Could Be Bad for the Environment

For MIT Technology ReviewMike Orcutt  writes: Sales of electric vehicles in China, the world’s largest auto market, have beenminuscule despite government incentives meant to put five million of the cars on the nation’s roads by 2020. 437 more words

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Here's how buying a Tesla Model S works in China

When it comes to the sale and delivery of California made Tesla electric vehicles in China, we know there is a little jet lag. And this difference may be more a matter of months that the time manufacturer of electric vehicles in California is preparing to begin sales in the most populous country in the world, says Forbes. 112 more words

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Tesla can't reach global battery supremacy without a friend

Why hasn’t Tesla announced a partner yet for its much vaunted gigafactory?  The question is beginning to be asked, and not just by investors.

Tesla’s share price has underperformed the market by a wide margin since it unveiled its plans to build the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery factory on Feb 26.   452 more words

Mercedes exec says Tesla lacks the 'complete luxury experience'

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is a popular saying, but perhaps “don’t criticize the company you’re sharing technology with” should be another.

The latter would apply to Mercedes-Benz, whose U.S. 336 more words


I picked something up at the mall, Mom - a new TESLA!

by John Brian Shannon

Malls are great, aren’t they? So convenient. You just drive there, park your car, and go indoors to shop.

Some malls have ice-skating arenas built into the mall so you can wave at your kids at they skate by. 119 more words

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