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My Decision to Homeschool: From Fear to Peace

Well, I suppose it is high time I put my money where my mouth is. A growing skepticism over issues with today’s schools has moved me to decisions I never once thought I’d need, let alone, want to make. 829 more words

Parent-Teacher Conference

So, I participated as a teacher in my first parent teacher conference today, just observing. The student has a low grade in the class with assignments that were not completed. 277 more words



I never really liked social studies…or socializing…or studying.


Standardized Individualism, the oxymoron of test time

This blog was created to extend the discussion about the effects of year-end exams and why they should not play such a major role in determining a student’s year-long progress. 878 more words


Getting Your Drivers License

Getting your drivers licence can be a scary, stressful process. For some people, they are naturally good drivers and like to drive, but other people hate driving. 153 more words


Dealing with Test Anxiety

I’ve always been a generally anxious person; I have a large collection of phobias and fears that I could easily list off for you. However, in the past 2 years or so, I’ve developed more severe anxiety … and occasionally get panic attacks- which is not exactly a fun experience. 714 more words

Midterms Are Coming

Prepare to lose sleep, self-confidence, and all focusing abilities.