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So I took the SAT at the beginning of the summer and I got my scores back. I really wasn’t satisfied with my scores. I really didn’t prep for it and a lot of smart people will claim that it isn’t really a test you can prep for, which really pisses me off because those people are usually the snooty pompous people who are assholes and like to make sure other people know how smart they are. 258 more words


What official rankings don't tell you about where to go to university

Educational rankings are big business in the US. Attracting talent and maintaining prestige depends largely on where an American university falls in official tallies. Rankings are also a cash cow for the companies that produce them  617 more words

Frankenstein: Idaho's $42 Million Inept Data Monster

Idaho could benefit from examining the successful models of several States and hiring a professional grant writer and some technical experts who could better inform the development of a better-conceived application to fund the work that the State so desperately needs.

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Proudly Ineffective Human Capital

You might be excused if you assumed the phrase “Ineffective human capital Investments” is a relic of a central planning communist Stalinesk era.  After all, we would never assume to treat teachers, let alone students, as widgets mass produced on a national scale would we? 1,081 more words


Please Pass that Test, Johnny!

Despite consistent criticism from educators around the state to tying compensation and certification to student growth as measured by standardized tests (SBAC), the Tiered Licensure Committee continues to insist that compensation and teacher certification be tied to student test scores. 455 more words


Education Reform Wears Blinders – Part 1

Dr. Bonnie J. Schupp, retired educator, taught in Baltimore City, Annapolis and Pasadena, Maryland.

Youth Dreamers display at Artscape © Bonnie J. Schupp 2014

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