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Education Super-connectors

Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s term “super-connectors,” those people who know everyone and can hook you up with whatever you need?  I’ve just met the education version in L.A.  1,087 more words

Teacher Evaluations

How are governments, the media, and civil society responding to the 2012 PISA results in Latin America?

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By Alexandra Solano, with Scott Odell and T’Nia Crutchfield

The results of the 2012 PISA examination were released on December 3, 2013, immediately prompting reactions. 1,469 more words

Test Scores

I Have Writers Block

I have been trying to find something to blog about for weeks.  Weeks, I tell you!

Nothing comes to mind that is not already out there or has been beaten to death like the proverbial horse. 408 more words


If we're going to ban leggings from schools, we may as well just ban girls all together!

I understand dress codes. I understand why they’re needed – nobody wants their grade two son being taught his times tables whilst copping a face full of cleavage from his inappropriately dressed teacher. 294 more words

More than just test scores, by Henry M. Levin

“In this scholarly critique of the international focus on test scores, Henry M. Levin, a prominent economist of education, reviews the importance of noncognitive skills. The idea of an international “race to the top” based solely on test scores makes little sense, he argues. 8,672 more words


Teachers Get...

Teachers get summers, weekends, holidays and snow days off!

This is a common statement that I have heard for the past 19 years that I have worked in education.  499 more words