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Morrowind GOTY

I’m just making random posts to prop open each category so that I can work on some layout stuff.


The Blessings of a Long Distance Relationship

One thing I have learned about love is that the more it is tested and tried, the further it expands, bringing with it a bounty of blessings. 408 more words

Long Distance Relationship

For Great Justice!

This is an attempt to create something.

The thing that I want to create is clean, honest and open.  I want ethics and integrity to determine the right course of action in all things.   35 more words


Stress and Procrastination

It is pretty stressful being a senior in high school when all of your classes are college courses. It gets tuff sometimes to stay caught up in college courses when you have to follow a high school schedule. 197 more words



I just wanted to drop by to say hello and tell you about how peaceful I’ve been feeling lately. Well mostly today because I did my first advanced functions test and it went surprisingly well (all thanks is due to Allah) Alhamdulillah. 183 more words

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