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Touching balls, for good purpose

So, I found this while browsing the internet during math-lesson. I wonder what thoughts were running through their heads when doing that. Yeah… Awkward. But It feels like I would be able to do what she did – without shame - 9 more words


This Guy is Rolling a Giant Testicle Across the USA

Stories involving someone’s testicles (especially engorged ones like this) usually aren’t very heartwarming. But 31-year-old Thomas Cantley is currently proving that assumption wrong. Over the course of this month, Cantley has been rolling a giant inflatable testicle across the USA to raise awareness of testicular cancer. 309 more words

The Internal Stretch

This is another variation of stretching but unlike the others, this exercise focuses on the inner part of the penis ( the part of your penis that is inside your body) which is as important as the outer part. 122 more words


The Erect Stretch

As you can imagine the erect stretch exercise is a form of simple stretching but it is performed while you are in an erect state. It is a really intense exercise and you have to be experienced with penile exercises in order to perform it correctly and not hurt yourselves. 119 more words


Anthropomorphic Cuteness Part VI: Rectum! Testicle! GUTS!

I WANT THESE! These adorable anthropomorphic organs can be bought from this website: I Heart Guts! :-)

The rectum is quite cute. (Rectum? It nearly killed him! 98 more words