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America is goin' Gluten Free

It seems like everyone in America is either gluten-free or a germaphobe. I am not sure which is worse or better. My Uncle Andy is both. 180 more words

My Present to You!

ROME, April 1st – I was heading today to the nearest hospital just to check something unusual on the skin of my inner thigh.

I went to the doctor, a dermatologist, and after a quick check, he immediately spotted the issue and assured me that nothing seriously was going on. 1,122 more words

Gosses: a French word whose meaning is entirely different in Québec and France (#752)

If you missed my Facebook update yesterday pointing to a guest post I wrote on Benjamin’s blog French Together, be sure to take a look: 230 more words

Français Québécois

Sweet Sixteen, or How to Lose a Testicle Without Really Trying

I’m already regretting putting this story to words and I haven’t even written it yet. This is the story for when you’ve been dating someone for a couple months and you decide they should get to know you a little better. 3,791 more words


testicle's new hat

he got it today. thats why hes handsome!!

my guts so far

the brain and lungs came today. the rest came earlier. liek?

close up game!!

every once in a while, i will play a game with u. i post a pic of a gut up close and u have to guess wat it is. 18 more words