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Vasectomy 101: The Seedless Grapes Club

As we approach every guy’s favorite time of the year (lots of sports), it’s time to revisit the safest,  most effective, and most underutilized method of birth control: the vasectomy.   166 more words

Nightmare Fuel: Watch A Veterinarian Bite Off The Testicles Of A Reindeer On PBS

There is nothing enjoyable about watching a man bite off the testicle of a reindeer, but when they put it on a PBS series, Earth a New Wild, it feels educational! 38 more words


Bragging, bagging, and a dusting

At the chalice lighting this evening, mythankfulboy detailed to me the way one of his friendships has been going lately, and his trying to navigate a situation in which he feels like the friend is bragging a lot, and often at his (B’s) expense.   218 more words

A Happy Ending after all

The other day I was lying languidly in the cramped bath that is so prevalent of Thai houses, conducting that self-assessment that Dad had impressed upon me from a young stage of my teenage years, when I sat bolt upright. 1,698 more words


Protect Your Nuts!--An Alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

One of the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy is the possibility of testicular atrophy.  In English, that means that your balls may shrink down to little raisins. 183 more words

Dear Hope: I'm Worried Something is Wrong With Me

Dear Hope,
I’m worried that something is wrong with me. My right testicle is a little bigger. Is that a problem?
– J

Dear J, 65 more words