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How To Remove Icicles From Your Testicles

It’s cold outside. So here’s a Nipple Monkey safety tip. Should you develop icicles on your testicles, do not try to knock them loose. Instead, gently dip your testicles in warm water. 9 more words


Undescended Testicle and Fertility - More Puppies?

I just read an article by Carol Beuchat PhD titled Cryptorchidism is complicated – The Institute of Canine Biology that left me going “hmmm?”.  I believe that sharing information is good and I did think the findings in this study were interesting and surprising, thus meriting a share, especially with other breeders. 339 more words

Gordon Setter

Fun Facts About Family Jewels

A man’s testicles are a very important aspect of his life. Here are several reasons why:

  1. We grow up protecting them, caring for them, and bathing them.
  2. 372 more words
Random Manly Stuff

I went to the BALLS - I'm sorry, ballet.

I can understand people raising an eyebrow at me – a scruffy, beer-swilling, foul-mouthed oik – choosing to go to a ballet. However, my sister and I had bought our Nan a ticket to see a performance of Swan Lake at our local theatre for Christmas, and I decided that I wanted to go too. 706 more words


Testicles Descending

Everybody grows a pair, eventually.
Some sooner than others. But it’s never too late.
Let me tell you a little story, in a round about way, of how I did and did not drop the balls. 1,320 more words


Seedless Grapes, Part III: Medical Problems

There is so much misinformation and conflicting views in the media that it can be difficult to get a straight answer.  When I counsel my patients, it comes not from opinion or experience, but from published data.  535 more words