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Offal cooking

When I went to the farmer’s market the other week I was looking for offal, specifically liver and kidney. I found that and more; I was presented with a bull testicle. 206 more words

Food & Nutrition

Huh??: Men Are selling Their Testicles For Cash !!!

According to my sourcehttp://www.dailybuzzlive.com ” here are 5 ways to make money selling your body to science.

1: Donate a testicle for $35,000 . 43 more words


Testicle Awareness

As a responsible blogger, I feel like I should raise awareness about potential implications from excessive cycling. James had a conversation with a fellow cyclist recently about the potential damage cycling could do to a gentlemen’s precious region. 217 more words


If you slap one cheek you may be bitten on the other

I like to think of my farts as bombastic choruses to my excellence, like markers of witty sayings and non-diagetic accompaniments to the scores of jokes in award winning comedy shows and  the diagetic sounds for lounge singers everywhere. 338 more words


Truths And Illusions of Adulthood...

When I was younger, I thought all adults were infallible; I trusted everything they said as truth; I believed they had all knowledge. I would give my Granddad the hardest sums I could think of and he would always tell me the answer; three times…… a billion, for example. 535 more words



Are you a man?

Are you aged 35 or over?

Do your testicles grow and shrink as and when they fucking well feel like it? 82 more words