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Great London Sporting Events #234: Cobbling



It was a little known sport played in the slums
of London around the late 19th century.
Men line up facing each other and at a given signal. 119 more words


A Teen Is In A Coma After A Friend Squeezed His Testicles And Gave Him A Heart Attack

Friends shouldn’t let other friends touch their balls, be it for joke, pleasure or contest. If you’re still thinking it’s OK to let it happen, allow this story out of Ireland to help sway your mind. 182 more words

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Ball ache

Balls, ‘nads, nuts, bollocks, testicles- whatever you call them- mine have intermittently ached since I was diagnosed with azoospermia.

I’ve not knocked them, been kicked there or had a viral infection (causing epididimo- orchitis), but intermittently they ache. 84 more words

17-year-old Boy Suffers Heart Attack After Friend Squeezes Testicles

17-year-old Irish boy suffers heart attack after friend squeezes his testicles

The unidentified boy allegedly had his scrotum ‘jerked’ by a friend in a prank, which caused him to pass out. 133 more words

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A Nebraska Inmate Had His Testicles 'Partially Detatched' By A Fellow Inmate

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Two murderer inmates walk into a library… But only one leaves with both testicles attached to his body and OH MY GOD. 218 more words

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Fruit 'n' Nuts

Nuts, cherries, apricots, yoghurt balls… have you ever noticed that everything in a fruit ‘n’ nut mix can be used as a euphemism for testicles?



Every third Thursday, the town of Bullscock began its two week long festivities. A celebration of all things Spanish in honour of the town’s founder, Norman Crackers. 92 more words