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An Inspiring & Fulfilling Journey

Tessa Lim

MGS (2013 GCE ‘O’ Level)

From D7 to A1 (English Language)

From B4 to A1 (Combined Humanities/Lit-Unseen Prose)

Having Mrs. Ng as a teacher was undoubtedly inspiring and powerful. 320 more words


Adopting a Dog: Testimonials #6

This testimonial is an example of how a dog can steal your heart. Albert wasn’t planning to adopt a dog, and there she was… beautiful Cupcake waiting for him!  340 more words


I went into the conference a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I had never been to a conference before. I had never worshipped with Prophets, Prophetess, or Apostles.

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Bulk Handling Systems Looks to Expand its International Business

Adam Khoo’s Blog:

Bulk Handling Systems of Eugene, Oregon—a company that focuses on designing, engineering and manufacturing sorting systems for solid waste—has recently decided to broaden their international approach.   247 more words

Adam Khoo

Starbucks Goes Glocal

Adam Khoo’s Blog:

Starbucks has built a reputation of providing cookie-cutter coffee cafes that all have the same products, recipes, design and feel.  A term has even been invented to define the state—“starbucking,” which implies that a location is being taken over and redesigned to fit a predestined mold.   321 more words

Adam Khoo

Hello All! Here’s my update. I have completed my 1st 90 Day Challenge, and I intend to complete a second 90 Day Challenge. I’ll tell you right now, I didn’t do any measuring or weighing – so I can’t tell you about inches or number of pounds lost. 902 more words