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Proactive Sales Approach Triumphs

After having had this Barkers Creek property on the market for thirteen months, with no signs of interested buyers, the owner, after meeting Nick Haslam at an Open for Inspection, switched to Waller Realty. 144 more words

Waller Realty

10 Simple Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Carrie Visintainer

Writer’s block is a dreaded malady in the life of many writers. So, what’s the best way to overcome it? 44 more words

Edita Kaye

Andrew Sullivan Is Retiring From Blogging For The Best Reason

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Alena Hall

Even the most influential bloggers must abandon their posts behind those computer screens at some point.

Andrew Sullivan, a renowned political writer and one of the first to truly embrace blogging, announced Wednesday that he will be… 25 more words

Edita Kaye

Testimonials from Ex-Members of the Bnei Baruch False Kabbalah Cult

“Ok, I would like to add my own personal experience. I am a former student of Bnei Baruch who studied at the organization for over a year.

2,645 more words
Mind Control

Meline Toumani, the Armenian Genocide and the Politics of Appeasement

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Christopher Atamian

Meline Toumani’s puzzling and sometimes maddening first book There Was and There Was Not: A Journey Through Hate and Possibility in Turkey, Armenia and Beyond… 38 more words

Edita Kaye

Three Books of Poems You Should Have Read in 2014

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Dean Rader

In 2014, a number of high-profile poetry collections leaped from the often ignored world of poetry culture into the wider world of what we might call readerly culture. 30 more words

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