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Karibu Malaria

Well, it was a very bizarre and long weekend as our family resurfaces this week. In short, Clinton had been feeling unusually sore and tired last week and late Friday night it escalated to major chills and a fever which then suddenly spiked to 103.3. 425 more words

A Song of Shenandoah

We’re all just walkin’ each other home.

~ John A. Brennan

 One day children were brought to Jesus in the hope that he would lay hands on them and pray over them. 400 more words

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Treating cold flu

I have been caught with flu. My mucus was thick and I experienced stuffed nose. I ingested Myrrh but I wanted to know what other oils could help to speed up my recovery. 35 more words


Treating chronic cough

My dad had been coughing for quite some time.
I used YL EOs such as Thieves, Cistus, RC but he would cough occasionally.

When I bought ZYTO SCAN, I did scan for him and apparently he needed Eucalyptus Blue. 30 more words


BREAKTHROUGH! | Joshua 6:20-22


Joshua 6:20-22

What is breakthrough?
What does breakthrough look like?

Breakthrough is…

  1. A shift in our circumstances.
  2. A victory over what has stalled us in our move toward our destiny.
  3. 713 more words

John's Story

My parents were good working people when I was growing up; I had an okay childhood. When I was eight I started smoking tobacco and pot. 389 more words

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