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An Intuitive Formula to Follow

Some 40 years ago as a teenager I became desirous to know if the Book of Mormon was authentic and true.  I understood that if The Book of Mormon was true, then it followed that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ’s church restored, that priesthood authority and ordinances are restored, that the pure and simple, meaning understandable, doctrines of Christ are again available to God’s children here on earth.   417 more words

Making a New Beginning

I was raised Methodist. Both of my grandfathers served as ministers for that faith in Tonga. My father also served over 20 years as a pastor for the same church in New Zealand. 879 more words


A New Beginning

New Beginning Support Ministry provides support in 4 areas:

Counseling Support
Group Support
Life Support
Community Support

This blog is a new resource for our Community Support area. 1,666 more words


Late Night Talks

Just over a week ago I laid awake in bed for almost 4 hours… until 2am. For the first hour or two, I was so frustrated because I knew I had to work the following day and I typically don’t run well on less than seven or eight hours of sleep. 573 more words

Being A Bride...

I waited up for Daniel to come home. I waited up to see God’s love come galloping through the door. My little brother and I have a special relationship and when we are together we stay up until the sun comes up talking, but this night was different. 1,722 more words

Runway to Heaven

I am a runner. Well, sort of. I try to be a runner but I’m one of those conditional runners. Meaning I love to run, but only indoors with air conditioning and no chance of messing my hair up. 608 more words


Saint Blaise

I’m constantly fascinated by the witness of the early church. These men and women were outlawed, persecuted and ultimately put to death for what they believed to be true prior to Christianity being legalized. 225 more words