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This post is an introduction to a library I have written, UnitC++.

UnitC++ is a modern, light weight, header-only c++ library for making unit testing easy. 1,189 more words


Nancy Testing - Razor View with Referenced Models

The last few weeks I’ve been working with Nancy¬†(an awesome web framework for .Net), the core goal of the framework¬†is the super-duper-happy path: 691 more words


To all fresh graduates, be prepared for interviews

This post is most suited to Indian graduates looking for an IT job but feel free to grab information that you feel is relevant to you. 307 more words


Candy Crushing My WAY TO THE TOP!!!!

Seriously though, what’s up with that game? Is it made of…. addictive substances or something? I’m downloading it now…. On my new phone… That I still have no idea how to use properly. 130 more words

BDD (Behavior-Driven Development): Missing Piece in the Continuous Integration Puzzle

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a process or it can be a tool. In many cases, BDD is both. However, it should not be a goal in itself. 937 more words


Automation Testing

There are two types of testing, Manual testing and Automation testing. If Manual tester is well enough to do good testing and provide good quality of product… 632 more words