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Teton Moose in Gros Ventre

I moved from Yellowstone to Grand Tetons NP on Sept. 8. From then on my main computer really started giving me problems, freezing up, etc. I thought I could coax it into working until I got home. 208 more words

This is why we didn't go to Yellowstone

When you drive across the country there is one place you absolutely must visit. Sources say that it is the most beautiful, scenic, awe-inspiring, your-grandkids-will-be-disappointed-when-you-tell-the-story-of-your-travels-and-it-didn’t-include-this destination. 989 more words


“Forever West”

What a wonderful line. It speaks to the truth of what Wyoming is, or at least how it is seen. In fact, it seems so true that it is now on “Welcome to Wyoming” signs and possibly soon to be on license plates. 350 more words

Welcome to Wydaho

This adventure has a new backdrop – Wydaho (the area of Idaho in Teton Valley that’s still a part of the Jackson Micropolitan Area). So far I love my new home! 300 more words


Surviving Summer

One of the women at the wine tasting is wearing blue eyeliner and I know I worked with her but I can’t remember her name. She is talking about her apartment and the trails she likes to take her mountain bike to on the weekends. 293 more words

Teton Morning

Tetons rising above fog layers at Schwabacher’s Landing.


Teton Morning

Teton Morning by czhike84

Tetons rising above fog layers at Schwabacher’s Landing.

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