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Chapter 6: Less than 1000 miles to go!/Less than three months!

Reaching that moment when the mileage left drops from four digits to three digits allows a thru-hiker to breathe a bit easier.  Maybe we will beat the early winter snows!  405 more words


Chapter 5: I can’t get enough calories!/I don’t even have time to shower!

There comes a point in a thru-hike where a hiker’s metabolism passes the amount of calories that the hiker can carry.  Thru-hikers often run on a calorie deficit while in the woods, then need to binge on food in town to make up lost calories.  434 more words


Jackson Hole

Today Jacob and I joined several other crew members from the ranch on a trip into Jackson Hole to go whitewater rafting on the Snake River. 68 more words

Chapter 4: What are you going to do after the trail?/What are you doing after TSS?

About half way through a thru-hike, one of the common questions that plague thru-hikers begins to nag on the thru-hiker’s conscious: What are you going to do after the trail?  604 more words

Grand Teton National Park

Life Out West

I miss the mountains, the cool crisp air of the Tetons. The beautiful jagged peaks, morning silence only broken by a passing moose or elk. There is something comforting in those mountains, the escape and freedom you can’t attain anywhere else. 9 more words


Chapter 3: 20 mile day...no problem!/Teach a communities day...no problem!

In a thru-hike, after 4-6 weeks, a hiker gets “trail legs.”  Trail legs give thru-hikers a sense of power and confidence because hiking 15 miles a day has suddenly become easy. 403 more words

Grand Teton National Park