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Kingdom Hearts Creator Recreates in Utada Hikaru in KH Art

Utada Hikaru is celebrating her 15 years as a musician.

Known for the hit song “First Love” and a Tetris master, Hikki (as her fans affectionately call her) is also popular on the gaming community for contributing songs to the Kingdom Hearts series. 71 more words


Miku Hatsune now one step closer to Sharon Apple

Back then I wrote a post about how Macross could have foresaw the future with the introduction of the concept of a virtual idol, made real today by… 128 more words


Kingdom Hearst HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector's Edition

You wanted Kingdom Hearts, and now Square Enix is giving you Kingdom Hearts. They’re going to give you so much Kingdom Hearts that your head will spin, thanks to the newly announced Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition. 417 more words


Tetsuya Nomura's Version Of Hatsune Miku Goes Online

Originally shown in New York’s Hatsune Miku Expo 2014, Tetsuya Nomura’s version of Hatsune Miku is now available to a wider audience online.  This video is his 3D CG of his vision of Miku.  371 more words


Tetsuya Nomura hace a Miku

Para la exhibición que hubo en Nueva York de Hatsune Miku el afamado diseñador de Final Fantasy, Tetsuya Nomura, creó un clip con su versión del melodioso personaje. 24 more words


Hatsune Miku X Tetsuya Nomura video: The virtual diva awakes from her slumber upon an icy throne

Just last month, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts character designer Tetsuya Nomura presented his collaborative project with Hatsune Miku. The Square Enix-produced video featured at the Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition Universal Positivity in New York, USA is finally available for us fans to se… – http://bit.ly/13DIBTW

Random Video: Hatsune Miku x Tetsuya Nomura

Hatsune Miku gets a Square Enix touch by Tetsuya Nomura and it is very incredible. Hatsune Miku resembles a lot like a Final Fantasy character and boy do I hope for some cameos in the next Square Enix’s game (my inner fanboy is screaming intensely).