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After some tough weeks at work for the both of us, my boyfriend and I went to Portland for the weekend.

My main experience with Portland is my mom taking my brother and me to the Clackamas Mall (quite outside of Portland) for sales tax-free back-to-school shopping. 472 more words


Paleo Fajita Burgers with Guacamole

My cat Walter is a straight-up freak for almond butter. His reaction to hearing me open the almond butter container is the same reaction the other cats have to hearing me open a can of wet food: a cacophony of meows and a crazed circling of my feet in an effort to trip me and force me to drop the goods. 665 more words


Dos Equis

Dos XX Brewing

So nice, they X-ed it twice. Actually, Dos Equis isn’t that nice, but it’s not terrible either. I’m sure the fact that this Mexican lager hovers somewhere in the vast, grey clouds of a world that encompasses all mediocre beers (a world that I imagine is called “Meh” and is maybe guarded by… 521 more words


The Revival (and 7 Layer Tex-Mex Pasta Salad)

A few days ago I got called out by a good friend (thanks Yammykins!) on my MIA blog status: I’d not posted since December 21 –EGAD! 454 more words

Vegan Recipes

The Vegetarian Innovation

Our apartment is prone to hosting a lot of guests, to the point where we have an Excel file of places to eat and sights to see for any of our friends that come to stay. 263 more words

Main Event

Restaurant in Review: Licha's Cantina

What native Texan doesn’t enjoy some chips and queso?

Review by Alexiz Magro-Malo
Photos by Thalia Juarez

I am very critical when it comes to “good” Mexican food, since I grew up eating authentic, homemade Mexican dishes. 579 more words

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