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The wages of drought

It’s a staple of some science fiction, the recycling of human urine on a spaceship to keep the crew supplied with drinking water.

Now Wichita Falls wants to go half-way… 55 more words


April 15 in San Antonio history...


The Northwest Six Theatres open at IH 10 and 410, showing “Play It Again, Sam”, “The Hiding Place”, “Crime & Passion”, “Echoes of a Summer”, “Bugs Bunny Superstar” and “The Duchess & the Dirtwater Fox.”  The multiplex would later expand to ten and fourteen screens. 65 more words


April 14 in San Antonio history...

Anthony Dominic Pellicer, the first bishop of the Catholic Diocese of San Antonio, dies. 

The first Starving Artist art show is organized by Rev. 36 more words


April 13 in San Antonio history...

 Mayor C.K. Quin and City Commissioners denied the San Antonio committee of the Communist Party use of City property for a meeting tonight.

1987… 110 more words


Practicing for a fiddle recital

Yep, a 70-year-old (me) adult student of the fiddle playing a recital with a dozen (mainly) middle school violin students. I have seven weeks to memorize and perfect the rhythms of my two pieces: the American hoedown/reel  78 more words


April 12 in San Antonio history...

Mission San Antonio de Valero (“The Alamo”) secularized by decree.

Shortly before 7 p.m., an F5 tornado hits the town of Rocksprings, Texas.  Nearly one mile wide, the monster tornado demolished Rocksprings, destroying 235 of the 247 buildings in the town, killing 74 people and injuring 205 – almost one-third of the population.   29 more words


Our uni-uniform Army

I have no patience with the fools who pass themselves off as Army generals these days. If they were at all competent there wouldn’t have been two (and counting) Fort Hood massacres. 172 more words