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Let's chill the Perry-should-quit talk

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilbert Hinojosa’s partisan ferocity has gotten in the way of his better judgment.

Hinojosa exhibited a too-quick trigger finger the other day after a Travis County grand jury indicted Republican Texas Gov. 223 more words

Texas Governor Rick Perry Indicted Over Alleged Abuse of Power

A grand jury has indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, saying he abused his power by trying to pressure a district attorney to resign. 543 more words

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'Grow up': Texas Democrat Party asks Rick Perry, 'When do you turn yourself in?'

Just minutes after Texas Gov. Rick Perry began his press conference in which he called his indictment a “farce of a prosecution,” the official Twitter account of the Texas Democrat Party tweaked the governor, asking, “When do you turn yourself in?” If this prosecution is a farce or not, the Texas Democrats are fully behind it. 277 more words

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Sunday Night Roundup: The Week's Biggest Headlines

Hello TFN-Bobcats, and welcome to to Sunday Night Roundup, a time where we sift through the week’s news and see which headlines matter the most. 477 more words