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San Jacinto

This past weekend my family visited the San Jacinto Monument.  It was part of my oldest’s Cub Scout achievements (Texas history).  Fun fact.  Did you know this monument is the WORLD’s largest masonry column?   595 more words

Texas History

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

There were a few questions tonight about distinguishing primary and secondary sources for history fair. Hopefully this slide show will help you determine what is a primary or a secondary source…see below… 9 more words

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Remaining History Fair Due Dates

Rough draft of Annotated Bibliography–October 17, 2014

Rough draft of Process Paper–November 7, 2014

Final project–November 24/25, 2014

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Unit 3 Test-Texas History

The Unit 3 Test over the First Texans will be given on Wednesday and Thursday of next week (10-22 & 23). See link below for study guide…

Unit 3 Study Guide

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Texas History 10-13/10-17

This week in Texas History we will be discussing Native American Tribes that were present in Texas before European colonization. On Wednesday/Thursday we will have an open note quiz. 25 more words

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