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Fear versus Confidence in poker

Let’s talk a bit about the metagame in poker and a subject that belongs to it “Fear & Confidence”.

Most of us did experience fear or confidence while playing poker and it is definitively part of the game. 493 more words


Let’s make things clear!

Yesterday a funky Brazilian guy was trash talking to me in Carnival tournament on Pokerstars. He went on the Internet and found out I’m a big fish on online tournaments. 196 more words


My First Deposit

I was introduced to Poker in 2011. Since that time i was only playing player money games and watch Poker shows. I know play money game is completely stupid and players don’t care much about real Poker strategies. 194 more words


Choosing your game

In the wild wild world of online poker you have a wide range of tourney with different pace, stack and number of players.

Poker operator knows about players well and their expectation. 715 more words


Guideline for a steady online cash game

Whether you are a professional or a recreational player, cash game is what should help you building your bankroll because of its steadiness.

Have a look at my new article on pokermarket. 10 more words


Rules and principle for getting staked

You have being playing poker for a while and now you are willing to go either for the deep stack cash game or try to go for the big tournaments but you can’t afford it with your own bankroll. 35 more words


The unwritten rules of poker

Any poker player know about the game’s rules, how cash game and tournament go. For the rest, you can still go to the Tournament Director Association’s website… 630 more words