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The process of unlearn and relearn in poker

How many of you did go all-in with AK and you knew you shouldn’t?

How many of you knew they should have fold but didn’t? 727 more words


Tablet and mobile Gambling

since about a year I’ve downloaded the mobile version of Pokerstars software as probably most of smartphone/tablet owners did.

I thought: Wow! What a cool way to play! 606 more words


When you understand that poker is not a game of luck but a game of skills

Last night I met online one of my new “protégé”. Jennifer is a recreational player who thought at first that poker is a game of luck. 581 more words


Into the beautiful Poker World...

One day I posted on linkedin about the Challenge I’m willing to take by playing a month in Vegas. After a few days I had some comments and one of them was really interesting as we had a discussion about the dark side of poker. 765 more words