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Two barrels shot strategy

Back in the old days, Cow-boys would have taken those words seriously in a total different situation but it is related by history (ask Doyle Brunson). 471 more words

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How my stats changed the way I play poker

I finally made the step of using a tracker to see what I was doing wrong and try to improve my play.

After uploading over 2K hands in both cash and tournaments game, it came out that I was playing out of position to often, doing Cbet aggressively etc…well a LAG player. 437 more words

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The honeymoon is over

Relationships at poker are pretty transparent. While we are talking poker we also talk a bit about our lives. Not too much, or it’s a distraction from the real action. 373 more words

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Playing against a Loose Aggressive (LAG) player

Loose aggressive players are probably the most feared players as they play a wide range of cards and seems to be in every pot.

As any other type, there are good and bad LAG players. 432 more words

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Poker babble

Bron dealing to Jake, Corey and Cat final table NLSC

Mel read my first posts before I published them and mentioned a few grammar errors but I said I didn’t care so much about that; its the general concepts I want feedback on. 138 more words

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Is poker religion?

Religion is about communities of people who get together regularly to celebrate life and do something special that they believe in. Religion is good for people and contributes to a long and happy life. 80 more words

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Freeroll is scary shit

Bron winning APL freeroll (free roll = free to play poker games aka pub poker)

Like everyone’s always laughing about freeroll poker donkeys and stuff but ever tried winning one of those things? 276 more words

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