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Pop Color (and Reads and Recs)

Little color exists in Minnesota these days now that the leaves have dropped, dried, and been enveloped in snow. This made today’s Photography 101 assignment, “Pop of Color,” challenging, for even human-made color is elusive in this climate. 508 more words


Is the Free Market Slowing Down Your Internet?

When you compare the price that most Americans pay for Internet service, and the speeds they receive for that price, the U.S. is far from a leader in deploying the most important utility of the 21st century. 428 more words

Other Thoughts

The Meaningless Struggle of Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott made a commercial with him wheeling himself up to the top of a parking garage.  The way it was filmed was to make him look courageous as someone that has struggled and never given up.   206 more words

New Yorker Cartoonist Offers Views on Creative Process

Matthew Diffee, whose cartoons you may have seen in The New Yorker and Texas Monthly, recently offered his views on idea generation and the creative process. 549 more words

Joe Fournet

Oh Wendy, Wendy, Wendy

“Davis is an example of the perils that await politicians who believe their own hype. The left will soon forget they ever placed so much faith in Davis, and move on to the next flavor of the month who they will convince themselves can finally lead them to the destiny Democrats believe is their demographic due.” 10 more words

Davis might be making a race of it?

Paul Burka is a smart pundit.

He writes for Texas Monthly and has been around the state’s political pea patch far longer than I have. 215 more words

On the Importance of Framing

Last week my news reporting class discussed the difference sourcing and framing can make on a story. I find it doesn’t occur often to the people I know who aren’t in journalism school, but the sources, quotes and photos a journalists decides to use in a story can determine the nature of the story itself. 558 more words