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The soil and climate are best adapted to the growth of Cotton, Sugar, Corn, potatoes &c, which grow very luxuriantly. Fruit peculiar to this climate or latitude can be raised without any difficulty--the peach, pear, plumb, fig, grape, pomegranite, quince, apricot, orange, lemon, banana &c. &c. are at present growing in the colony and I am informed do remarkably well--for melons, pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers, and all vines it surpasses any country I ever saw--you have but to plant them and you have almost a certainty of a plentiful harvest...

Whether you came to Texas at the behest of the first impressario of Anglo settlement of the most unusual spot under the heavens, at the beginning of the 20th century to turn a dessert into a garden in west Texas or in the 21st century to escape the taxes and madness of the blue states the one thing you may be very sure of is than between the promoters and speculators you have been lied to about the land you bought. 423 more words

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Post, Founded By a Cereal Magnate

C. W. Post was an inventor. His imagination ran the gamut—designing better farm implements, improving digestion with breakfast foods, creating a model town, and making rain by… 1,038 more words


Four Dead In Texas Panhandle Car Wreck

PERRYTON, Texas (AP) – Police say three adults and one toddler have died in a Texas Panhandle car wreck.

The Texas Department of Public Safety… 100 more words


Exposures: Milkweed

From the research I’ve done online, it looks like this plant is a narrow-leaved milkweed (Asclepias stenophylla).  I have several of them that pop up in the far corner of my yard each year.  I love it.


The Last Drop

America’s breadbasket faces dire water crisis – ‘We’re headed for a brick wall at 100 miles per hour’
Monday, July 07, 2014

VEGA, Texas (NBC News) – While a high-pitched wind rattles the windows, and assaults a flapping, fraying American flag in the front yard, Lucas Spinhirne knows he’s staring into an abyss that many in Texas—and across the world—may be forced to contemplate. 436 more words

Climate Change Happening Now