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Five Super-Expensive Record Players

Top of the line turntables to get the most out of your vinyl.

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Why The Definition Of A Platinum Record Needs To Change In 2015

The music world is in the midst of a fundamental change, and it’s time for the RIAA to recognize that by incorporating streams into its platinum formula. 13 more words

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Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree...

3 days before, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…I guess New York spoiled me with the snow, lights, and holiday spirit raging through the city. 161 more words


Drug Price War Takes Pharma Back To The Future

For biotech investors, the news that AbbVie has cut a deal with Express Scripts to sell its new hepatitis C treatment, the Viekira Pak, at a significant and undisclosed discount to its $83,319 seems nothing short of disaster. 62 more words

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TruTV's Hardcore Pawn, On The Business Of People And Pawning

Premiering their ninth season on December 29th, the runaway truTV series Hardcore Pawn and its cast—the Gold family of American Jewelry and Loan—are changing the longstanding pawn industry perception by limelighting the profession, the stories behind the deals, and the business savvy needed to succeed in the field. 54 more words

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The NFL Playoff Picture Heading Into Week 17

The NFL playoffs still weren’t clear after Week 16 ended on Sunday. Here’s who got knocked out, who’s in, who needs help, and what’s up for grabs with the playoffs heading into Week 17… 13 more words

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Why I've Spent $639 On 'Hearthstone' (And Don't Regret It)

I finally did something I’ve been dreading for over a year now. I sat down and dug through my email for every message that began “Your Order From Blizzard…” and added up all the dollar amounts they contained. 13 more words

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