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Text & Data Analysis

In the last DITA’s lab we dealt with text analysis by using some tools. These tools contribute to extract the information content in the text and help save time and effort by extracting important information within large-scale content. 488 more words


Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Text Analysis and the Digital Age

Text Analysis

Johnny Holloway (2007) defines text analysis as: “a variety of social science research methods designed to ascertain meaning and bring structure to large amounts of unstructured information derived from different acts of communication embodied in written language.” In order to better understand the concept of text analysis, here is a list provided by Duke University Libraries (no date) as an overview of the basics: 510 more words

Information Retrieval

Cloud Watching

This week on DITA we learnt about distant reading and text analysis and used various online tools to analyse ext.

Distant reading is a form of reading where instead of focusing on an in-depth analysis of one text, many texts are analysed together as a dataset to understand them all. 359 more words


Texts through the Looking Glass...

I usually start off these posts in wonderment at the evolution of technology within my adult life. This week is no exception as I ponder the ‘control-F’ style text search of my word-processing past in comparison with this week’s focus on text analysis. 710 more words


Assessing text analysis tools

Text analysis was the topic of our latest DITA lecture and more specifically, some tools available to conduct it. This post aims to answer the questions: 725 more words

DITA Exploration

Every word cloud needs a silver lining: a brief assessment of text analysis tools

Text analysis is a useful way to compare, explore and understand a piece of text beyond simply reading. George Rockwell explains that text analysis systems can ‘search large texts quickly’, ‘conduct complex searches’ and ‘present the results in ways that suit the study of texts’.  549 more words


Words in a storm

The analysis of text in a document has been traditionally something that has been done by a person, reading the document and gathering the information that is require from it. 1,020 more words