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Text-analysis startup Synapsify slurps up $850K

Synapsify, a startup that claims it can rank the most important statements in a sea of text, has brought in $850,000 in new funding. 257 more words


Manzama raises $1.3M to keep more people from drowning in information

Manzama, a startup with cloud-based software that helps law firms stay on top of key information about their clients, is expanding into consulting and financial services markets, thanks to some fresh money. 367 more words


Lexalytics buys Semantria, because you gotta be able to analyze text in the cloud

Lexalytics, an 11-year-old company that sells text-analytics software for companies’ on-premises data centers, has found a cloud option for itself, by buying a startup called… 473 more words


The Great Gatsby Through a Marxist Literary Criticism Lens

In my report I will be analysing the presence of Marxism in F.S.K Fitzgerald’s book, ‘The Great Gatsby’. Whilst viewing this book through a critical lens, I discovered that many examples in the text work together to show the Marxist literary theory, of how everything relates back to wealth and financial status, reflecting on the economic experiences of the author. 4,921 more words


Daily Visual: 6/20

Now see the tutorial HERE!

Today I decided to make my own visualization. What you are looking at is all the tweets within a 5 minute span in the United States, which is about 13,500 if you want a number. 26 more words


An Introduction to googleVis

This is a quick and dirty introduction to the googleVis package, with hopefully some of the most important points explained so you can get right to work incorporating data in R to your website. 371 more words


Netflix uses data for a lot more than just recommendations

Netflix is famous for the way it uses algorithms to determine what programs or movies its members might want to watch, but data plays a much broader role inside the company’s streaming service than just informing recommendations. 536 more words