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NotePad in the Cloud for PowerPC

* Instapaper is a simple NotePad that it works from your Browser.  Check Here

The coolest feature you can share with your friends what you are working on it.   14 more words


Exploring the New File Level Encryption Feature in FileMaker Pro 13

What is the new Encryption At Rest (EAR) ability for in FileMaker Pro 13?

FileMaker Safe?

I started out exploring FileMaker Pro 13′s new encryption feature because I wondered about securing a single FileMaker database on my system. 2,362 more words

FileMaker Pro 13

Very nice Reference Card for Vim

Here a very handy Reference Card that you may want to print and have close to you, specially for those times where you forget how to deal with this powerful (and sometimes tricky!) Unix based editor. 13 more words


Text editor for coding HTML

There are so many variety of text editor for your html coding needs depending on your platform. If you are using Windows operating system you might consider using  the notepad, a simple text editor comes in handywith your OS. 1,024 more words


Learn to use VIM Editor effectively in 1 page

Vim is a powerful, terminal based text editor which is very popular in linux community. It is specifically very useful of programmers and system admin which have to deal with programs and configuration files. 728 more words

Text Adventures Part 2

It’s the holidays – time to screw GCSE revision and do some programming!

Text adventuring again. The first project was abandoned because I came back to it a week later and realised that I had no idea what I had written. 258 more words


Download Camera 360 Pro 1.2 Apk Free!

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Camera 360 Pro v1.2 – By Photo Grid – Collage Editor you can make your photos collection into amazing collage.
Photo Grid – Collage Editor’s simple interface and outstanding menu of pre-designed grids make it the best collage appYou will love it. It can work…