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CKEditor target=_blank by default

  this.editor.on('instanceReady', function(){
      // Note nested arrays
      // http://docs.ckeditor.com/#!/api/CKEDITOR.filter-method-addTransformations
      // This rule will add the target="_blank" attribute to all links that
      // do not have it.
          element: 'a',
          left: function( el ) {
            return el.target !== '_blank';
          right: function( el, tools ) {
            el.attributes.target = '_blank';

Sublime Text 2/3 Best text editor

If you are new to programming or pretty much seasoned though we use IDE , I always find myself in glitch.

Though I use Notepad++ way too much :P… 50 more words


vi mark

The m key marks a place on the screen to return later. You can store up to twenty-six different locations, as you specify a-z to save the spot. 73 more words


New Text Editor Syncplify.me - Notepad!

Syncplify.me – Notepad!  merupakan Text Editor compatible untuk Windows yang pada dasarnya merupakan UI notepad modern untuk Windows 8 dan RT. Syncplify.me Notepad hadir dengan aplikasi Windows yang  selain membawa , desain minimal elegan ,tetapi juga dengan fitur pengaturan lanjutan untuk programmer , web developer dan coder.  98 more words


Using Web Browsers As Text Editors

Use your web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a simple text editor like Notepad. This trick works on all web browsers. 55 more words

Windows Tips & Tricks

Exercise zero: the setup. Mise en place.

“All you need is an editor, a Terminal, and Python.”

So goes LPTHW’s exercise zero. Zed walks his reader through identifying a basic text editor, locating the terminal, and installing Python. 729 more words

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