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Installing KKEdit on Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kkedit

KKEdit is an interesting text editor inspired by BBEdit (a Mac-only text editor) and Gedit. The application features jump to function declaration, bookmarks support, search/replace with regex support, option to save/restore sessions and more. 66 more words


Journey To The Centre of The Perfect Text Editor

With my foray into Web-Development this summer , I ended up playing with quite a few text editors .

Being a naturally nitpicking person or to put it kindly , a perfectionist , I like my software or tools to give me the most perfect experience i am looking for. 591 more words


FM 'Text_Split' to split long text to multiple lines

Untuk kebutuhan mengubah text panjang yang diinput user dan mengubahnya ke beberapa baris dengan panjang karakter yang sudah didefinisikan, silahkan gunakan function module ‘TEXT_SPLIT’. Dengan menggunakan FM ini, secara otomatis text panjang akan menjadi beberapa baris sesuai dengan standard text. 147 more words


Quest to Mastery

For the last couple of days l have started using Martyer2’s mega project ideas list. Through this list I have been able to use my pervious knowledge about C++ to create the easiest of topics, mainly the first 5 text oriented projects. 334 more words



Qt is cross-platform UI and application development framework. Cross-platform application is that runs on different available platforms like MS Windows, Linux, Mac OSX etc. Scintilla is a free library that has text editing functions. 284 more words

6 Weeks Training

Textastic on Sale!

One of my favorite Productivity-Apps – Textastic – is on sale today. This is a very rare occasion – the last time the price for the iOS-Version changed was back in December 2012! 119 more words


A Few Words About Text Editors

I’ve been writing code since about midway through high school, so I’m coming up on ten years now (crazy), granted I really only dabbled in a few different languages here and there until I got into later college and started being much more interested in code. 1,095 more words