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Scrivener: A Pretty Cool Writing Tool

For years I’d heard of Scrivener, a piece of software touted as the “ultimate writer’s tool.” Not just a word processor, more than a plain text editor; Scrivener helped you organize all the stuff you wrote, all your research and goodness knows what else. 820 more words

Personal Blatherings

Because Frustration

Trying to typeset a complex document is probably not a good idea at nearly 1:00 AM. My LaTeX skills suck in general, and especially when my eyes feel about to fall out of my head. 167 more words

Ay Teh Week 12 and 13

Since I wasn’t able to post what I did last week, I’d just conjoin it with what we did this week.

Last week, we have started working with the terminal and text editor. 161 more words

IT 1

Brackets - An editor you'll love

While designing a new website or editing an old one, did you ever want to make changes directly? You definitely would’ve. Here you go. Brackets… 289 more words

Computer Science


  This application is a good way to make notes about everything that we listen to and see during the day. Due to the large amount of data that we encounter each day, it is difficult to select and record important things. 372 more words


"Hello World", and What the Heck is a Text Editor?

As I’ve been making my way through tutorials, something was starting to bother me. Tutorials let you practice in nice little environments that provide three fields: One for the tutorial’s instructions, a second for you to write code, and a third to show the results of your programs. 653 more words

Learning To Code

WordPress Words: HTML

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is a markup language used to describe the semantic content of web pages. It is usually used with CSS and/or JavaScript.

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