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Look ma, no mouse!

I have a challenge for myself. For the next week I am going to try to use the mouse and arrow keys as little as possible. 243 more words

From Emacs to Vim - Chapter #1 - Vim plug-ins

This is the continuation of the first post.

As you get the feeling and overview of vim, the first thing you’ll probably miss are your customizations and custom plug-ins and extensions. 675 more words

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Sublime Text - text editor đắc lực cho dân lập trình

Sau vài tháng trải nghiệm thì nếu ai đó hỏi mình thế mạnh mà mình cảm nhận được ở Sublime Text so với các text editor khác là gì. 819 more words


From Emacs to Vim - Chapter #0

Hi there. This will probably become a new mini series. I begin by quoting Vanessa Da Mata:

É só isso
Não tem mais jeito… 1,140 more words
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Atom catching up fast with Sublime

In 2006, a day arrived when I no longer need to touch Windows and I shifted to Linux unless and until compelled by huge corporations that has no brains.  229 more words

Which Text Editor? Sublime Text 2

Before I begin the HTML posts, it’ll be useful for you to know which text editor I am using; it will be especially useful if you are planning to follow along with my learning. 220 more words