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Text Message Quality Control

This is a short post regarding SMS quality control, which is especially relevant with group messaging where you are sending large batches of messages. Remember, that every message you broadcast is a brand statement of your company’s image. 148 more words

Text Messaging

Three Rules To Construct an Effective SMS

SMS functionality is pervasive and adaptable but requires structured messaging in order to maximize its benefits. For example, within marketing, SMS is proven to be a valuable tool in promoting your business, as statistics have demonstrated how rapidly people are drawn to reading their text messages. 314 more words


Cotap plugs into Box to make enterprise file-sharing as easy as sending a text

Normally, I can’t stand to hear about yet another messaging app — how many times are we going to reinvent the wheel? — but Cotap is a little different, and it added a cool new feature today. 319 more words


Practice Your Texts

Practice your texts before you press SEND.

AKA: Don’t speak too soon.

AKA: Don’t get caught up.

AKA: Don’t say shit you don’t mean.

AKA: Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean. 416 more words


Square Cash now supports peer-to-peer payments sent via text message

When Square launched its Cash peer-to-peer payments service last year, it made transferring funds as simple as sending an email. Apparently that wasn’t easy enough. 346 more words

Is Flirty Texting Worse Than Real-Life Cheating?

Today, a lot of us think flirting via text message is worse than cheating in real life. Surprised? That’s one of the takeaways of a new survey from the Huffington Post, which asked more than one thousand people to share their thoughts on what qualifies as “cheating.” 209 more words


10 +1 Benefits of Text Marketing

This service is available on all mobile telephones used in the market.
 Thanks to its ease-of-use and its instant reception, the text message has become a efficient… 644 more words

Text Messaging