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The 6 Most Common Unanswered Texts

If you’re a member of Generation Y, you are probably all too familiar with texts that go unanswered, or what I like to call “The Unrequited Text.” Whether you’ve been on the receiving end or the actual unrequited end (or both), you know that our generation deals with awkward or annoying things simply by pretending the thing does not exist. 504 more words

Keeping in Touch with Your Customers -- Without Annoying Them

When you’re trying to build your business, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of the hunt — for new customers, that is. However, as studies from the Harvard Business School show, focusing attention on existing customers and increasing retention rates by just 5% will increase your profits by 25% to 95%! 557 more words

First-Time Reader's Interpretations of "The Colonel"?

A brief study was conducted among three people via text messaging.

Within the study, participants were asked to read “The Colonel” one time.

Participants were then asked to briefly explain their interpretation of the poem. 54 more words

Carolyn Forché

#57, 5 ways in which I've been technologically inept

Being born the right side of the 90s, I think it’s fair to say I can navigate my way around a Skype call. However, things are not always clear-cut, and even though on the scale of… 397 more words


Style by Emoji

I feel a bit childish owning up to this, but I love emojis. Adding them to my texting conversation instantly makes the conversation’s mood lighter and more fun. 164 more words


Are you on WhatsApp?

Recently, I was traveling in a city bus in Bangalore, and I couldn’t help overhearing a phone conversation. During the conversation, I heard the phrase “ 455 more words

Customer Experience

Slice of SMS and Irish Telecom Timeline

  • 1984: SMS Concept Developed (France/Germany)
  • 1985: Official (France/Germany) SMS Proposal Introduced in Oslo
  • 1986: Eircell Formed – 1st using 088 Analogue Prefix, then in the 1990s Digital 087 (Ireland)
  • 104 more words