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Impatience, Impatiens


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I’ve always considered myself a patient person, not always, mind you, but most of the time. I am certainly not patient or forgiving when I’m driving and someone cuts me off. 479 more words

911 text messaging coming soon to Sedgwick County

WICHITA, Kansas – – At the beginning of the month, the FCC voted to require text message providers to enable people across the country to text to 911 in case of an emergency. 299 more words


Dear Journal: Technology

“It turns girls on that I’m mysterious. I tell ‘em I don’t want nothing serious. ‘Cause even on a slow day I can have a three-way chat with two woman at one time. 332 more words


SMS, a utility within businesses

In a conversation yesterday, the discussion veered towards how the most successful technologies for businesses are the ones that are not seen. Where the ability of employees to simply use a technology with little training or effort is primary, masking the often extreme technical complexity completely. 590 more words


SMS, could be seen as a Student Messaging System

Now that schools are reopening shortly and students are returning, it is worth reflecting on the benefits of text messaging and its benefits within the education sphere. 132 more words


The secret to set up successful keywords

There’s no doubt that using a text keyword in your campaign can be a really effective way to get your customers to engage with you – IF you use them the right way. 324 more words

Text Messaging

Nurturing Leads from Every Angle

When it comes to successfully nurturing leads from your marketing efforts, you already know you need to stay on top of email with potential clients. Email is a great way to stay in touch with customers, reach out to them periodically to see if they’re ready to buy, and even just remind them about your company. 516 more words

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