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Forgetfulness by Blair Gaulton

Text truffled thought
drowning in scrambled stew
hoping to find the correct words
before show starts.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton)Sept 2014

Blair Gaulton

About Me 09.14.2014

I don’t care if this meme is outdated and childish, but I am doing one of these anyway, and probably more. Here goes:

Youth in Transition

I hate the use of computer analogies
to describe the human brain.

We are not machines.

Computers do not have minds.

Science would have to build… 418 more words


Busy life

Again, I’m not updating much. Life isn’t giving me much time to do that.

Ever since school started I’m finding myself in bed at already nine pm since waking up early at six in the morning is already a drag. 281 more words


Even Signs Need A Little Refreshment Now And Then

As you may remember, we have been hired by the Bear Hotel to refresh the Nutcracker Army for the coming Christmas season. We are still at it. 499 more words

Technologies and Texts

My mother primarily uses her own laptop for her internet activities. This is her second laptop and is a few years old now. She also uses her iPhone for the social media apps she is active on. 183 more words