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Das Foto ist auch eines dieser ersten experimente mit Makro-Zwischenringen. Die Spinne die auf dem Foto gezeigt wird, ist ca. einen halben cm. groß. Es war ziemlich schwierig, Den schärfepunkt so zu treffen, wie ich das wollte, aber nach unzähligen Versuchen hats doch geklaptt. 27 more words


A Very Mundane Work Day Followed by a Mundane Sunset

So today was..well mundane. I woke up at the same as always. As per mom’s advice, I picked up some bagels that served as lunch. At the office, the director allocated a very mundane job. 432 more words


The Great Paella Incident

It was 2000hrs and dinner was not made yet. I was actually quite frustrated that I could not make up my mind.


Thought 1 – Me… 460 more words


Mundanity (I know its not a word) Extreme Edition

Hello today I am taking a different approach. Instead of sitting at the end of the day I am writing this during lunch…AM WATCHING PLANET OF THE APES LATER WITH MATT!! 223 more words


Rest in Peace passengers and crew of MH17

An unbelievable sad day,

with pain and anger that won’t fade away.

Don’t know what is worse the anger or the pain,

I just ask myself is the world going insane. 17 more words


Questionable behavior

Guess who’s back?

Wine man.

Which Wine Man, you ask?

The Wine Man who took me out on an amazing date then I didn’t hear from him for over a month.  146 more words