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Normally, my being a Virgo and what not I do not post things with grammatical errors but this is so true.

A person you want to communicate with will not even respond to your text or be like whatever. 94 more words

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome and thanks for visiting!

This blog is purely just as a display of my most recent adventures as well as other various useful content. 59 more words


31 - One Month Down

So I’m now one full month into my 365 day blog. And turns out the hardest thing about it is not remembering to post every day, but finding something to post. 13 more words


10. I've been the opposite of productive.

I don’t even know where to begin this one. Today i finished packing up this things to drop off at the house. I met a friend who’s been trying to move out, and we discussed the technicalities of us possibly living together – it all looks good. 302 more words


Hello Ideas For Action followers, supporters, and competitors...

Applications have closed and we are excited to commence reviewing applications for our February 24th announcement of the winners. In the meantime, we have an itinerary planned to continue to keep you engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals. 153 more words


It's Only Words

Discovering old 3D stuff done in the early 2000’s that incorporated words and text.

judy barrass- it’s only words

JavaScript required to play judy barrass- it’s only words… 492 more words

"Ryan Bakan" by Amanda Howland

It wasn’t his going away party because he wasn’t going far. It was just his last Friday night party in Stow, Ohio. And Ryan Bakan was lightly stoned. 4,043 more words