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HTML5- Creating body content

In my HTML5 journey so far, I have learned how text and image elements can be created within the body section of an HTML 5 document. 33 more words


In The Books

From an early age you could find me with my head in a book.  However finding my head in a book because I fell asleep while doing some research isn’t typical, not for me. 245 more words

OLIO - Presentation to clients

In the presentation I showed the various layout and colour options. The tutors decided that the Harper Lee quote was the stronger design. We also decided that the texture just complicated the image and didn’t add anything to it. 197 more words


mysql bagaimana query mengambil tiga kata pertama dari string

Bagaimana ya, cara mengambil tiga kata pertama dari sebuah field yang bertime string ?


q> tadi ada yang tanya di forum mysql Indonesia (fb),

57 more words

Being a Muslim in America (and Ferguson)

After the 9/11 events and the resultant increase of hate towards Muslims, I grew very impatient. I was impatient because I was young and I didn’t understand why we were being hated as Muslims. 302 more words


Past Paper: Rethinking Elizabeth from the Perspective of "Young Woman Drawing"

Upon reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time, I attributed Elizabeth Bennett’s wit and thought patterns to her unique intellect, a fortunate product of her affinity for books and solitude. 474 more words