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Beware! The Second Coming of the Textbook Wars

It may not happen today, or tomorrow, but the coming textbook wars will be massive, if quietly so. Why? The world of educational publishing is enormous; it is much bigger than you might imagine. 714 more words


College Talk Thursdays: Class Readings

Class readings are easy to skip and not done. But doing so will cost you. During the class discussion you may not be able to comment on whats being said since you did not do the reading. 115 more words

College Talk Thursdays

Time and nonverbal communication

Although nonverbal communication tends to be one of the most interesting chapter for students in the basic course, there are a few concepts that learners occasionally struggle to grasp. 319 more words

Mandarin Chinese textbook illustrations

I’m in Taiwan for a short Mandarin teacher program, and in one of the classes we had to make a sample of a Mandarin textbook for Russian students. 63 more words


Fall semester students book return

Folks who took my 210 classes in fall should return the textbooks to my office (for the women) or to Joy’s office (for the men.) 8 more words


Joining the Project

Before I even did the readings for today, I tasked myself with joining the Firebug irc channel. I have two irc clients installed on my machine: mirc, which I’ve used before, and HexChat, which was recommended to me by a friend. 503 more words