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So I just relaxed and finished up the KDrama Marriage Not Dating last night. Great drama, I seriously loved it and highly recommend it! 325 more words

The Grant Year

Foundations of Algorithms Using Java Pseudocode

Neapolitan, R. and Naimipour, K. (2004) Foundations of Algorithms Using Java Pseudocode. Jones and Bartlett Publishers


This text is about designing algorithms, complexity analysis of algorithms, and computational complexity(analysis of problems).

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BREAKING NEWS: The Internet Will NOT Rot your Brain Immediately! No, Really!

The freshman seminar class that I chose to take this semester is called Analogue Writing in a Digital Age, in which we write with fountain pens and bind books and talk about the concept of text and a whole bunch of other nerdy good things. 657 more words


Communicative or Grammar Textbook Focus: Look at the Grammar

A test of a modern language textbook’s communicative ability is to look at what the book has students do with the grammar after the textbook presentation of the grammar point. 409 more words

Modern Language

New Release for Kindle: Math Shorts - Derivatives

The rich and exciting field of calculus begins with the study of derivatives. This book is a practical introduction to derivatives, filled with down-to-earth explanations, detailed examples and lots of exercises (solutions included). 149 more words



Okay so I had to buy a couple books for my tools for college success class and now I am having to get a textbook for my college dual enrollment class. 94 more words


An $85 Paperback Paper Weight

“I’m sorry, we aren’t buying back these textbooks. Either the professor is not using this edition again this semester, or we have enough of them. Would you like to recycle it?”

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