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Textbook Project–entering a new phase

I have always expected, intended perhaps, that the direction of this project was likely to include a physical destruction of the book.  The most recent images have been complex, layered constructions, which appropriate diagrams – signifiers – from the book and re-present them in new ways that bear no apparent relation to their original meaning.  572 more words

Studio Projects

Textbook Haikus

In my class, we had to write poetry about textbooks. So I came up with these:

While you may get a
little lazy, textbooks save… 13 more words


“Thanks,” I say. I lick my lips and try to wash away old, dry flakes of orange juice. The bottle lay empty on the floor, as I clap my hands with a joy of completion. 270 more words

Economics at 3 AM

Well, well, look at me becoming all obsessive and annoying. Two posts in 24 hours. It must be someone’s lucky day. Definitely not yours, dear reader. 790 more words


Interactive grammar iBooks

Our english department uses grammar books that were printed in the 60’s. I guess this is a good indication that despite Merriam-Webster adding new words to the dictionary every year, the “how-to-use-these-words” (grammar) never changes. 520 more words

IBooks Author

Checked-out at School

Textbook check-out page from Story Pictures of Transportation and Communication by John Y. Beaty. 1939, Beckley- Cardy Company: Chicago. 23h52854

What is it about grade school textbooks that just make us want to scribble all over them? 186 more words