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Socially accepted

I bought my mom a new cell phone today. She already had a cell phone, but it was one she only used for emergencies. Besides that, the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. 474 more words


Part-Time Lover

The differences between a casual relationship – aka NSA (No Strings Attached) and a potential relationship – aka this may be your future boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/bae.

It’s quite easy to blur the lines when embarking on a relationship with someone. 723 more words


The Morning After

“It all makes sense now…” Grant said more to himself than to me, “that way she was constantly over here, the way she was always giggling. 1,096 more words


Speeding Advertisement

This speeding advertisement hits hard for anyone able to make it through the whole thing. A driver thinks he has enough time to pull out onto the road, but he doesn’t know the guy that was far enough away at first is now about to collide with him. 65 more words

Chris Anderson ( Video Response )

I really liked this video a lot. Anything that has to do with space always interest me so it had my attention from the start. for some reason I just love space and everything about it, probably because it is so mysterious and there are always new things to be found. 98 more words

Video Response

Human Interaction...

Human interaction, it’s an oxymoron these days. As I wound my way down through the back roads to work today I spotted three humans, in athletic clothes, walking their daily walks, talking into a small rectangle held to their ears. 329 more words

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