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Love me through text

Torture is when you don’t text me back. When I don’t hear from you for weeks.

Our longest time going between texts was a month and a half. 215 more words

Long Distance

Snapchat makes me go W.T.F.??

As with most things in life, I’m somewhat slow to embrace change. It’s the way of things. So when one of my best friends was on me about getting Snapchat, I casually dismissed the whole thing and moved on. 248 more words

Technology: Another Embarrassing Moment

Like most people, I’ve become exceedingly dependent on technology and when it doesn’t work the way we’d expect, we can often find ourselves feeling like gullible fools, or perhaps find ourselves in publicly embarrassing situations. 220 more words


Pass The Salt (and other things)

First, a fun video from Matthew Abeler:

Makes me want to dig out my mom’s old typewriter for fun. That’d be an interesting way to try Nation Novel Writing Month this year, right? 186 more words

Real Life


When all I could do was lie on my back for months you know what I did? I didn’t watch movies on Netflix. I didn’t read. 673 more words



A few weeks ago I met a sweet guy; he was charming, funny and totally into me. Fast forward to date four, we planned a fun outing that was met with road blocks and obstacles. 155 more words

The "Text Less" Approach

Do you remember when you first started dating? How you let text messages convey how totally cool, busy, confident and cute you were?? You paused, read his message, talked about it with friends, CRAFTED a witty response. 416 more words