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Apple plans to disable texting while driving | Technology News

There are already many mobile apps on the market that want to prevent people from texting while driving. Apple is getting on this by having a freshly-pressed patent filing that suggests a more automated solution. 27 more words


The C-Word

I’ve come to the conclusion that everything good in life begins with the letter C. This includes but is no way limited to: coffee, crosswords, chocolate, Carrie Bradshaw, cuddling, coffee, Christmas, camembert, chaussures, confidence, champagne, coffee, chateaux, carefreeness, the Carnavalet, cock(ahem)tails, coffee, Chihuahuas, chai tea lattes, conversation, creativity and coffee. 206 more words


People I didn't meet on Tinder: *Alex

When it rains it pours and usually you’re not wearing a weather-appropriate dress.

In the case of Alex, rain soaked me to the bones and he came outside to play with me in the storm for a while. 3,758 more words


Just Sitting Here Waiting For Someday To Roll Around

One thing I’m still struggling with through out this break up is the cutting ties part. Generally when you break up with someone you want nothing to do with that person. 564 more words

I Made This Post While Driving?

Lets hit on a subject that is close to all our homes. Us youngins and our technology looking for the same thing; freedom. Turning 16 and being able to drive yourself is the most freeing thing someone can do. 326 more words