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We're all talking at once!

When my family sits down all together at the table to eat, everyone talks at once. If you hear something that interests you, you just hop into the conversation. 652 more words

My Smart Phone is Dumb

I shuffled my way to the lady behind the customer service counter, “How come other people’s smart phones are smart and mine is dumb? I paid for a smart phone, but it doesn’t do anything.” 155 more words

Huh, WHAT did you Text Me????

While researching some ideas for an article I’m working on, I looked up texting snafus…some of these are totally hilarious (and a little inappropriate:)

Hmmm…some guys just never stop flirting…or breastfeeding. 89 more words

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British Drivers Will Now Have Phones Confiscated Following Every Car Crash

Police in the United Kingdom are beginning a major crackdown on drivers. From now on, drivers’ phones will be confiscated after any crash, no matter what caused the collision reports the  140 more words

25 Thoughts You Have While Waiting For A Boy To Text You Back

1. “Was that smiley face too much?”

2. “Oh my god, why did I text him first?”

3. “That was a horrible decision.”

4. “It’s been 12 whole minutes now.” 228 more words

Happier Jump-Starts: The Joy of Text

Happy Monday! Here’s hoping you had a fantastic weekend and you’re ready for the week ahead. What better way to kick off your week the right way than to pick up your phone and spread some joy? 173 more words

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