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You had me at "paranormal"

Forgive the cheesetastic Jerry McGuire reference there in the heading, but that’s part of who I am and my humor.  So why am I apologizing for it? 1,170 more words

Just Wendy

Men Who Text With Question Mark Punctuation.

If you’re texting with a question mark, you’re screaming Tinder date. At best, OKCupid troller. “Do you want to get together?”, “Hello?”, “What’s up?” and “Nude pics?” are all the types of phrases that end with a question mark. 131 more words

Happier Jump-Starts: Tips For Healthier Connectivity

One of my teenagers recently asked me how we found out the answers to everyday questions when I was a kid. “You know, before you had Google.” The idea that once upon a time you couldn’t whip out a device to figure out who that guy in that commercial is strikes them as foreign. 575 more words

How To Be Happier


So I’ve returned to my home town for the weekend. When I return home my main priorities are babysitting my nephews and spending as much time as possible with my family. 156 more words

Push away the good things in your life.

Can’t breathe.

Can’t see.

How can there be so much snot?

Trying to write it down so I have a point of focus, a point of focus that may stop me spinning into the vortex of despair. 544 more words


From Texting to Blogging to Writing Essays

There are many, many, many, types of writing that we all do. We tweet, we blog, we text, we post on facebook, and etc. I’ve experienced many types of writing as well. 384 more words