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Slughorn, Scribes, and the Search for the Original Text: Lessons in New Testament Textual Criticism from Harry Potter

Harry Potter, through his controversial magical adventures, has emerged as one of the defining literary characters of our time. Weaved within J.K. Rowling’s fascinating and entertaining books are many ideas and principles that have broad significance beyond mere fantasy and fiction. 3,362 more words


The Reliability of the New Testament

Have you ever heard people say that the Bible is unreliable? Have you heard them say that the books of the Bible were legendary developments, or that Jesus didn’t really claim to be the Son of God and that was written into the gospels later, or that the Bible has been mistranslated over the centuries, perhaps to the point of being virtually unrecognizable from the originals or to the point of important doctrines being changed or ruined? 2,401 more words

Counter-Cult Information

Blogging through The Lost World of Scripture: Proposition 2

Part 1, Proposition 2 – Expansions and revisions were possible as documents were copied generation after generation and eventually compiled into literary works

This section practically reads like a primer on textual criticism, at least a couple of its components. 397 more words


Colossians is a genuine Pauline Epistle

We have very good reason to believe Colossians is a genuine letter and not pseudigraphical. These are the following reasons:

1. Failure of Liberal Theologians to Put Colossians Theology into Question… 2,036 more words


In depth rebuttal of E. P. Sanders, "Literary Dependence in Colossians" JBL 85, no. 1 (1966): 31, 35-44.

I began as a liberal Christian, but the article from E.P. Sanders on Colossians woke me up to how “unscholarly” Biblical criticism is. I was told that the article definitely solved the issue of Pauline scholarship of the Epistle to the Colossians. 1,309 more words


Text Tuesday - Bible & Qur'an

I had the privilege of watching a live stream of the fascinating debate between Dr. Shabir Ali and Jay Smith – held in Toronto Canada last week. 131 more words

New Testament


I’ve noticed a new type of skeptic over the last few years. He questions whether there even is a text of the New Testament. There are so many manuscripts and so many variants, how can we ever claim with any credibility to know what the original manuscripts of the New Testament even said? 377 more words

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