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More Textual Criticism

So to illustrate the idea of textual criticism I drew this crummy picture for a short presentation about a year ago:

Somewhere over on the left is a mythical-romantic-ideal world where the true text lives, following the True/Authentic Author’s Intention (or some other silly thing). 480 more words

3. Digital Witnesses

Textual Criticism

When I started into this section of the project, I briefly mentioned some concepts related to textual criticism: Transmission, Witnesses, and Collation.  In a casual fashion, we have been exploring the transmission of Aladore, how the text is embodied in specific witnesses.  292 more words

3. Digital Witnesses

Is the New Testament Reliable? (Part 2)

The question of the reliability of the New Testament is both big and foundational. On the one hand, such a tall order might frighten us off from investigating it for ourselves. 2,382 more words


Saturday for the Defense

I meant to start this series last Saturday, however that didn’t happen so putting my best foot forward here we go.

Every so often friends and relatives send me things mainly, in my opinion,  to irritate me because they know I am a Christian and they are not so they try to undermine my belief in the Bible.  2,791 more words


Does the Bible Ever Get it Wrong? Facing Scripture’s Difficult Passages #5: John Currid | Canon Fodder

Here is an excerpt:

Those who read this blog know that Peter Enns has a blog series called “aha moments from biblical scholars.” The “aha” moment for these scholars is simply coming to the realization that the Bible is not true in all that it says, but it contains many contradictions that call into question the nature and veracity of the text. 125 more words

The Exchange

Is the Bible Reliable?

Is the Bible Reliable?

Or is it just a copy of a copy of a mistranslation of a copy of a misinterpretation of a…well you get the point. 929 more words

General Theology


I can’t decide what to name the next section of this project.  In the outline I called it “Get PDFs”, which is literally the goal.  But, I want the process to be reflective, careful, and a bit methodical–not just a Google search for “aladore filetype:pdf” (you get some strange results for that one by the way…). 222 more words

3. Digital Witnesses