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A Critical View Of "The Gospel Of Jesus' Wife"

The Gospel of Jesus Wife is a fragment of ancient papyrus written in the Egyptian Coptic language. Like something straight out of Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code… 1,071 more words

Reformed Theology

Noah and the Bible...

Tonight my Old Testament class will be venturing over to a movie theater to watch the movie Noah. Although this particular class’ focus is on the latter prophets, most of us were in the earlier leg of this course, which included reading through the book of Genesis. 895 more words


The wise son of the Hagadah: Why textual criticism is cool

Just like Biblical criticism does not mean to criticize the Bible, textual criticism does not mean to criticize a text. It just means to try to look at a text (in the case of the Bible, the Biblical text) in a critical/scholarly/objective way. 565 more words

Have the Gospels been embellished?

Recently I was in public conversation with President of the Rationalist Society of Australia, Dr. Meredith Doig. We had a very enjoyable and engaging dialogue on the nature of rationality and whether it is rational to read the Bible. 810 more words


Only The Word of God Can do this?

Sometimes 1 pictures is worth 1000 words. This is one of those pictures.

What does this picture do for you?  Are you sensing Jesus through His Word embracing you as this?   66 more words


It’s a little more exciting reading a book that falls apart every time you turn a page, as if you only have one chance to read it before you inevitably lose all of the pages. 20 more words

People Are Having Texts As We Speak!

Yes they are!  Haven’t you noticed? No one cares anymore.  They are having text while driving with their windows down, in their homes with curtains wide open.  263 more words