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Upside Down (2012)

I just wasted two hours of my life!
PS. Nice visuals though…


Her (2013) – IMDB

This movie is unique; I’ll give you that.

A guy falls in love with a piece of software? Siri users- beware. 262 more words


One in every six individuals in the world is an Indian. So obviously we’re a common bunch in the world. But the fact is, most of us reside in our own soil, the Americas, Canada, and some other countries in the west and the Africas. 859 more words


A father, a mentor,

A student, a teacher,

A source of joy,

Of pleasure and of love.

He stood by my side

Despite the shifting tides. 345 more words


The year is 1942. Quit India movement was well under well underway. The location, in front of the Patna seretariat. Despite police warnings 7 young college boys took to the streets with the ‘tiranga’- the tricolor, a sign of hope for the Indians and of defiance to the British. 593 more words