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I have recently started building my commitment to developing my photography, and as such, I have decided to create this photo blog to document my progress. 48 more words


On the Street Where I Live #29

everyone is waiting for the cool, crisp days of autumn to arrive-I found this leaf on the back porch steps as a reminder-

This brings an end to the series On the Street Where I Live-it was an interesting experiment-I found more than I had thought I would and the whole exercise pushed me in ways that I needed. 40 more words


Abstract Photopainting

Last winter, I took a few pictures of my car covered in snow, side mirrors with sliding off snow, and some drooping icicles. When I uploaded the pictures I looked at the ton of white on white textures, mixed with see-through icicles and my car modestly peeping out from under the snow. 19 more words


Concepts and Theories

Gave a friend my DSLR and took his point and shoot for a fun little challenge. All but two came from his camera (the Reflection and Crain.) Can you tell the difference?


Sixty Linden Weekends: Aug 30 - 31

It’s the biggest shopping day of the week and Clutter for Builders has 2 new items on sale for L$ 60 that you’ll want to snatch up right away! 177 more words

Clutter For Builders