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Post of the Week #8: The one thing no one enjoys in video games...

Have you ever played a game where you needed to pour in tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to enjoy the game properly? It really bugs me when I find out that I have to spend a whopping $500 to unlock some kind of special gear,  but what bugs me even more are games where I spend just a little bit at a time, not knowing my wallet is getting its life force sucked out. 353 more words

League Of Legends

The fidget of the right hand.

I blame my mouse.
I spend too much time on my computer, and I think its having an unexpected effect. I’m constantly flicking between programs, tabs or shuffling though music. 1,050 more words

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The Stamp: Or The Digital Soundtrack of Love Snuffed Out By A Letter and Life.

To The Man I Nearly Married,


I know this letter is out of the blue and maybe I shouldn’t write it. In fact, I know I shouldn’t write it, but I’ve had this aching in my chest for a month and when your soul hemorrhages for so long, words are the only panacea one can turn to. 1,115 more words

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A Totally Ordinary Scattergun

One of my proudest moments, captured on screenshot from NETWAR in Omaha.

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[Music] Portal Fling Waltz

Here’s what Team Fortress 2′s “Rocket Jump Waltz” would sound like if it were played on Portal’s radio. I made this back in 2012!

“Rocket Jump Waltz” by Valve.
Portal radio instruments by Valve.


Team Fortress 2 - Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker

Happy belated Halloween!

Christmas decorations are already being put up all over town, but I’m still knee deep in ghosts and spooks.

I wanted to make something for Halloween this year, so why not keep it Halloween related by making something that has been on my list of upcoming projects for a long time. 1,463 more words