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[SFM][SHORT]Scout gets a new headset.

First, this was suppouse to be a story of how my headsets broke but I changed my mind. I am not that good with SFM so I’m sorry if you didn’t like this short, but I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day!


Spawn Room and Testers

Hey everyone,

Just a small update today – not much has changed, but I thought it was about time I updated the blog again. So far, I’ve added some detail to the first spawn room, though a lot more is needed. 102 more words

Team Fortress 2 new Teleport Hack found almost God Mode

A new hack has been found for Team Fortress 2 that allows you to teleport short distances without any “cooldown”. This does not only allow you to besiacally fly and teleport anywhere on the map, but it alsom akes you near unkillable. 74 more words

Been busy and so has TF2

Well I am sorry that I haven’t posted but ¬†here is one about another update. Yes you read correctly another update with beta maps and a new game mode. 111 more words


How to get better as a spy

One tip you can use if you want to get better as a spy in TF2 is to use the Spy-cicle and the cloak and dagger. 29 more words

Team Fortress 2

I'm back

Well hello everyone who reads this blog a.k.a only me but hey who cares. I am back and I am sorry for the long period away from the nice little blog site but i had some trouble with tf2 and all the new updates and also i just took some time off playing tf2. 63 more words


#397 The Post-Steam Summer Sale Damage Report

It is over, it’s finally over, the Steam Summer sales have ended, the virtual summer camp have closed their¬†doors and everyone has gone home, back to normal gaming life with at least something special and a possibly a lighter wallet for some at the end of the week. 275 more words