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#470 Dusting off my Steam Wishlist for the Harsh Winter Sales

A little birdy told the internet that the 2014 Steam Winter Sales will be starting this Thursday, and that means that soon all the good little boys and girls around the world will open their Steam clients at 1pm EST to find all of their favorite games on sale at ridiculous prices for the next few weeks.  432 more words

#469 The B.M.O.C Christmas Story

I have noticed that the past month or two I have been more or less writing almost exclusively about Nintendo and their products. You guys can all blame it on the fact that one game company started bringing out amazing games since the middle of October with Mario Kart 8’s DLC and ending up with the suprube Super Smash Bros. 679 more words

About FPS Games

I can’t stand First Person Shooters.  Reason one: mostly they shoot at people or humanoid monsters, and something inside me says that can’t possibly be good for the psyche of people who play them.  531 more words

Nerd News Update December 10th (Deadpool, Blood Angels, Spider-man, Doctor Strange, TF2)

Updates featuring the Merc with a mouth, The Sons of Sanguinous, Disney V Sony, Doctor strange getting sherlocked, and Team Fortress 2 getting a great short film after a terrible patch update… 334 more words


End of the Line

In production for about a year, James McVinnie’s highly promising End of the Line TF2 machinima short is finally out, and it’s safe to say it delivered. 53 more words