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Team Cohesion

Table of Contents

I. What is a team?
II. Good Comms
III. Team Relations

What is a team?

When in doubt, remember teamwork makes the dream work… 679 more words


TF2 Counting down the classes

So this is just my opinion. Lets begin.

9: Heavy. Heavy is just a fat and slow sandwich eater. Your just mowing people down with a mini gun. 444 more words


New website. About me and tf2.

Hey im Jesper. Im not using that like a channel name (of course). Im going to make my own youtube channel soner or later. Im gettin my computer soon. 81 more words


Welcome Back!

Hi Maengs and Fishcakes,

Welcome back to my website. If you came from my old website, welcome! A few things have happened since the last time I was here. 54 more words

5 Annoying Things That Happen All The Time on TF2

I play way too much Team Fortress 2. Hell, if you’ve only read this blog a couple of times you can figure that out. It’s a fun as hell game, there are nine different classes, a bunch of different game modes and weapons and of course – I know you’re waiting for it – hats. 1,017 more words


The end of one project and the start of another one.

The End of One Project…..
We’ve not talked about mapping in a while, have we? Well, my current project is nearing its end. Well, I hope it is. 1,261 more words

Blog Post

The Demoman Bible Part I: The Commandments & Introduction.

Welcome to what should hopefully be a recurring feature to my ever impressive blog. i52 is now over, I’m suffering from severe depression, so what better ways to ease my woes than type a shit ton of nonsense! 1,419 more words