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TF2 vs. CoD

I am a gamer and I am fond of FPS games. I have played multiple of them. Games like VCOP, Doom, Wolfenstine got me interested in gaming at my childhood. 499 more words

MGE Tutorial and Gameplay

Post comm on a casual MGE i did on <TG> server.

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End of Reviews?

Due to the new direction I am trying to take my blog I will no longer be doing weekly game reviews in a text based format. 159 more words

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[Lent 34 of 43] It finally ran to plan...

The map – I got it working! All the custom assets fully included with the map, and it all looks nicer too. Turned out the problem with the custom stuff was some typos I made in… 130 more words


Update Video: Channel Future

Just a quick update video on the future of the channel and the kinds of video s that will be coming in the future. Stay tuned for more content!

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Tf2 comics

Ok so raise your hand if you have either read a comic book, or heard of one , or maybe your like me and you life revolves around comic books and video games. 233 more words


TF2 Discussion: Medics in Pubs

Just a little post game commentary I made about playing casual medic. I hope you all enjoy!

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