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Is The Teaser Trailer Nigh Upon Us?

Well, that’s what the rumor mill says! Supposedly they are working at a breakneck pace, even forcing John Williams to work the weekend to score a very brief teaser trailer. 204 more words


Cuomo Reelection an Obvious Moskowitz Opportunity

On November 4, 2014, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was re-elected. As the New York Times reports, some voters lamented “lack of an acceptable option.” 1,543 more words

Common Core

This Week in Knitting: Nov 8

The weather is finally (finally!) turning in NorCal and even though we’re having a warm weekend (upper 70s), Fall is definitely in the air.  The leaves are turning, the evenings are longer and the nights are cold.   541 more words


Black Friday, a national phenomenon rocking our red white and blue country side with sales of televisions $200 off and Xbox Ones for $300. At TFA we believe in all things American: barbecuing hot dogs, being casually racist against minorities, and slaughtering buffaloes to extinction. 240 more words


My Thoughts On #TFA (The Title Anyway)

This is an expanded version of what I posted on my Facebook page earlier today:

1. I’m fine with the title. Unlike other fans I could name back in 1998, I did not scream, cry, or freak out over “The Phantom Menace.” Nor did I scream, cry, or freak out over “Attack Of The Clones.” In fact, the only Star Wars title that ever sounded goofy to me was “The Empire Strikes Back” when I heard it announced when I was 10. 373 more words


What makes an educator?

I’m not an educator. I’m a parent. I’m a thinker, writer, analyst, researcher, debater, community activist. I hold positions in two volunteer-driven organizations that employ only skeletal paid staff. 695 more words

Education Reform

Intro followup: No, I'm not teaching for America

I didn’t intend to start here. This is, after all, a blog about technology education; if it’s a soapbox, it’s meant to be a focused one, not a platform for everything that goes on in my head. 833 more words