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How To : Set up Git on your dev machine (configure, create, clone, add)

Applies to : Visual Studio 2013

When you start using Visual Studio with Git, choose the way that works best for you and the kind of project you’re working on. 1,746 more words


Git to TFS Migration Experiment: Part 3

3: Pushing to TFS

> git tf checkin –deep –autosquash

Hooray! Success… I think!

There were quite a few things I learned getting to that point: 461 more words


Git to TFS Migration Experiment: Part 2

Connecting a Git Repo to a New TFS Repo

I was testing with VisualStudioOnline, soooo….

2a. 50 more words

Git to TFS Migration Experiment: Part 1

After doing a combo talk* with one of my earliest tech community heroes, Tim Rayburn, at the North Dallas .NET User Group a couple of weeks ago (what an honor =), I got an email from an attendee who had a business need to unify source control from various VCSs (like SCM) to TFS (yes, he knows TFS supports git, and the business requirement was to unify in TFS proper). 185 more words


private bower components, a simple solution

Bower is an amazing solution to bring structure into javascript based projects. Without bower the reusing of components on git repositories would be a mess. During my current project I searched for a solution to integrate private bower based components into my closed source project. 274 more words


TFS Reports–Unleash them with PowerPivot

A long time ago I wrote a blog series about writing Custom Reports for Team Foundation Server. As you may or may not know, Team Foundation Server comes with a powerful reporting solution. 1,247 more words


Late start into 2014

Long time no post. There’s a number of reasons for that, all of them “overridden” by my laziness. :) I had a strong resolution of keeping good progress with the blog, but reality proved otherwise. 463 more words

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