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A Change of Soul & Ryoko and Kendra 2

Is the first idea too “out there”? I really enjoyed the idea personally. It might just be my own weird preferences though. Lately I’ve realized a lot of my captions have domination as a theme whether it be the victim or someone else.


Cops strike back.

Finally, Another chapter in the TGun series. I’ve been holding on to this picture for a long time because I had a hard time deciding whether the victim should be a cop or criminal. 24 more words


Tension's building . . .

It’s been a while since I posted here, but expect an avalanche of golfing excrement  excellence in the not too distant future. Personal circumstances meant me and Random missed out on a golfing weekend in April, so to make up for that absence we have struck out on our own and found the perfect one-two next week. 297 more words

Kurse Kenpo and Loophole

Here are two things. I really like the second one. In fact I will make the largely forgettable statement that it is one of my best.


Update for the month

25 – July – 14

Been a bit tardy updating the BLOG. Have been working on several things but not finishing anything. So, for all that are interested, here we go. 728 more words


What you DONT see is what you get!

For quite some time now, my wife and daughter have been watching more and more of a cable TV station called ID or Investigation Discovery. It’s all about crime and real life investigations into who the guilty parties are. 788 more words


24 Hours of Kirsty (part 2)

Previously on Kirsty’s World…

I had gone to my friend Andrea’s house for the weekend, and had lots of fun mainly shopping, eating and chatting.  There was so much good stuff that I decided to split my account of the weekend’s events over two blog posts.   1,513 more words