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Are you there God? It's me, Valerie...

Note: This was written a few weeks ago, but I hesitated to post it because it seemed to be a touchy subject, and maybe a bit harsh. 954 more words


Mirror, mirror... just another narcissister here

Whether or not we will admit it, one thing that I believe all of us cross-dressers do repeatedly when en femme is check ourselves out in any and all mirrors available. 755 more words


I am SO excited to get this !!!!

I am so excited about this that I just had to share. I just ordered a book entitled The New Look, The Dior Revolution which could have also been called The Valerie South Encyclopedia of Inspiration. 220 more words


I was nominated for the Lighthouse Award! "So Very Deep" is so very honored!

I was nominated for the Lighthouse Award! I am honored, especially when you consider I have not been at this blogging thing very long. Since I have started, I have found it to be a fantastic experience and it brings me a lot of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. 500 more words


AT&T Engagement: T & G

It was so much fun capturing this lovely couple at the home of the SF Giants!


RE: "Gender Swapping & Socializing in Cyberspace" - Hussain Zaheer and Griffiths Mark

This week I read up on Hussain and Griffiths study on MMORPGs and participants understanding of the socio-virtual world and gender swapping within it. I found this intriguing with having experience in Second Life among other online and social websites that allow avatar creation or character utilization. 653 more words

Virtual World Presentations

Having gone first in the presentation schedule, I’m glad to have experienced everyone’s initial reactions while participating in a virtual world that was created by a team of dedicated individuals. 698 more words