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+++ 350ml "Mermaid" Wine Whiskey Beverage Beer Glass TGIF!

350ml “Mermaid” Wine Whiskey Beverage Beer Glass TGIF!

350ml “Mermaid” Wine Whiskey Beverage Beer Glass TGIF!. If you looking for 350ml “Mermaid” Wine Whiskey Beverage Beer Glass TGIF!. 127 more words

No Handle ShotGoblet

Sometimes it’s a better idea to not put a handle on them so I don’t end up ruining the whole thing. This is one of them. 26 more words


Follow up on previous post

I didn’t pass out at the gym or anything which is what I was nervous about. I didn’t and don’t work out hard. Before I went into the class I had 2 quest bars and a Powerade. 237 more words

A Finished Microwave Popcorn Maker

I am liking the glaze on the body, not so much the lid. But I fix that next time. Also, I can fit over 1/4 of a cup of popcorn kernels in this one. 20 more words



“I think it’s invite only,” I text from the other side of the Clarendon Street playlot’s wrought iron fence.

Nonsense, he assures me, but he can’t see the thirty-odd children, digging trenches in the sand as they race in weaving patterns, up ladders, down slides, around plastic play equipment, and between their business attire-clad parents, who chat over red plastic party cups and paper plates. 529 more words

Wanna have Friday Fun?

Hi! Readers of the world….

Let me ask you something

Do you like Fridays? I know I do.

Of course you all know that what makes Friday so special is that the next couple of days is the weekends but like every occasions, we celebrate it. 236 more words