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9/30/14 Training Log

Note: Took yesterday off so Tuesday is first workout of the week and will not take rest day on Wednesday

A. Backsquat, work up to a 3RM… 44 more words

Training Log

9/22/14 Training Log

A. Backsquat Clusters, 31X1, 2.2.2, 5 sets, rest :15 b/t 2’s and 2:00 b/t sets 135, 145, 155, 160, 165
B1. Weighted chin-up cluster, 3.2.1, rest :10 b/t clusters, rest 1:00… 75 more words

Training Log

Saturday 20 September - 3rnd - 1min Turkish Get-up (alt) 16/12, 1min Rope Slam, 1min Burpee Pull-up, 1min OH Lunge Step 20/15, 1min Rest

Strength – 50m Sled Drag Sprints 60/40

Free Intro today (Saturday) from 10-11am! We are located at 2/104 McKinnon Rd, Pinelands.

Results 20 September 2014


9/16/14 Training Log

A. Backsquat, 30X1, 5,5,5,5,5, rest 3:00 135, 140, 135, 135, 135. Went back down in weight and stayed there because my back was feeling super tight from the Strength to Give workout on Saturday. 59 more words

Training Log

Getting called out, and fun with kettlebells

For some reason, over the last month or so, I keep getting “called out” to do stuff.  Usually with kettlebells.

While I don’t exactly mind it, I really can’t figure out where the sudden surge of requests has come from!   147 more words


9/8/14 Training Log

A. Backsquat Clusters, 31X1,, 5 sets, rest :15 b/t 2’s and 2:00 b/t sets 135, 155, 155, 155, 155
B1. Weighted chin-up, 4-5 reps, rest 1:00… 194 more words

Training Log

WOD for Fri, 14.9.05


10:00 “greasing the groove” – Pick 1-2 parts of the Get Up and work that movement unweighted.

Then 3 x 1 Get Up 12 more words