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Monday 14 April - In 14min - Run 1km, then AMRAP - 15x Box Jump 60/50, 15x KB Swing 24/16, 50m KB Carry 24/16

Strength – Turkish Get-up and Max Height Box Jump

Congrats to those that competed in the NTWA comp on Sunday. Everyone lifted really well and it was a great atmosphere. 64 more words


4-12-2014 Saturday

Pre-Kennesaw Mountain hike workout.


Speed Ladder Drills


10 downdog pushups

10 split squats

10 swings

10 tgu, r/l

3 rounds…for time: 15 more words

Side Effects!

April 9/10

So I had a whole post written, but after my physio appointment which was both enlightening, and painful I realized that I needed to save that one for another day. 642 more words


Track of the Week - Temple Head

Wake the f*ck up, get the f*ck out of bed and DANCE! Because Transglobal Underground (TGU) is about to re-enter your personal hemisphere and you’re gonna love it! 


OW4D6, OW5D1,2&3


Let’s get back to some basic lifting and away from all the high-rep metcons for a day. Your brains and bodies need a change of pace. 744 more words

Wednesday 3/19

“Step by step. I can’t see any other way of accomplishing anything.” ~Michael Jordan

  • 3 position snatch (high-hang + mid-hang + floor) x5
  • back squat @90% x2 x2, @70% x10…
  • 8 more words
Strength Workout

Monday 17th March 2014

Skill work

  • Toes to Bar (T2B)
  • Turkish Get Ups (TGUs)

1. I suck at T2B

2. I suck at TGU

…a lot of work needed on both of these. 192 more words