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Return of the monsoon

Today I learnt that hareem pants are not good in a downpour – whoever said the rainy season had finished here has a lot to answer for… We were having lunch on the street with 25p man again (his pakoras are so amazing!) when we heard ominous rumbles that were definitely not emanating from our bodies – neither our bellies nor the more sinister alternative. 484 more words

Ashtanga Yoga

Soothing the Senses Workshop

I despise Christmas.  Sure, I loved it when I was a kid, but when I became a parent and realized that I was responsible for producing Christmas, my feelings changed dramatically.   285 more words

Shameless Self-promotion

Thai Yoga Massage

I have been doing Thai Yoga Massage since 2009.

It involves massage and stretching. It may be done with clothes on.

I am trained in Thai Yoga Massage, reflexology and Therapeutic Massage. 33 more words

Week Four

Week four on I Quit Sugar Programme was mentally and physically challenging for me. With it my acid reflux reappeared and got ugly. I had itchy little bumps on my tummy and back on the first two nights. 221 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Me time

Week four on the IQS programme is called detox week. Due to the omission of a 3 more food groups.  Gluten, coffee and alcohol (OK the latter 2 are not strictly food). 814 more words

Health & Wellbeing

It starts with a dream...

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” Buddha

So, it’s almost here. It began with what felt like an impossible, whimsical dream, then it became something I dared to talk about to people and, a few years on, finally it’s happening.  651 more words