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Why is Melissa going to Thailand?

For those wondering, what in the world is Melissa going to be doing with elephants? Why is she going by herself? Why is she going all the way to Thailand? 516 more words


Backpacking Indochina Day 0 : Yellow and Pink

People lining up behind me, a glass wall separates my serene station and a heavily crowded place with noisy people excited to enter the studio gallery. 1,122 more words

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Swimming with Elephants

I’ve swum in rivers, lakes, and oceans. I’ve taken a dunk in a pond on horseback. I’ve competed in chlorinated swim stadiums and frolicked in summertime water parks. 512 more words


What I Have Learned From My Backpacking Indochina Experience

Adventure without risk is Disneyland“–for a theme-park addict, this slapped me on the face. But if you come to think of it, it is true. 832 more words

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Art, Horror & Religion

Skulls. Demons. Screams of anguish. Body parts strewn about. Horns. Dragons. These are things I associate with horror movies & haunted houses, not religious temples. But this is exactly what I encountered at Chiang Rai’s Wat Rong Kuhn, or White Temple. 325 more words


Fâo Dìao (เฝ้าเดี่ยว): A Picture of Waiting Expectantly On God

Learning a language is a very humbling enterprise. In taking on Thai, my greatest hindrance from truly grasping it is fear to commit mistakes, which to me translates to looking foolish. 985 more words

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