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Indo China - Day 4

This morning we got up early, because our body clocks are still a bit off, but it’s amazing how much energy you can still muster from only 4 hours sleep. 725 more words



Amidst the passage of daily life time ticks ever onwards. Sometimes when I stop and watch people look at me like I’m strange, sometimes when I comment on our impemanence people shy away, or change the subject. 20 more words


GoPro a Thailand - Songkran (Water Festival) Trailer

Songkran is a 4-Day water fight that goes on in Thailand every year, which is how they celebrate the dawning of a new year. Koh Phangan is home of the famous Full Moon Party that draws literally thousands of people to this small island beach to party every month. 7 more words


Bang Sue and Mo Chit in Bangkok

It was already dark, but still so warm and humid as the lights of Bangkok lit the narrow side streets we walked down, following my cousin and his girlfriend to a restaurant that we probably couldn’t find our way back to for a million bucks. 705 more words


New constitution gives Thai junta sweeping powers

The Associated Press reports:

‘Thailand’s new temporary constitution that gives the military government sweeping powers in the run-up to a planned October 2015 election also allows the leader of the current ruling junta to become interim prime minister, a senior army official said Wednesday. 132 more words

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