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Finding Offset using double array and list C#

Im trying to find the offset(difference between the array elements) of an array of double..The formula for my offset calculation is Offset= ((double-double[x])*33)..
The problem I encounter is I cant seem to display the offsetX. 160 more words

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Split an array to smaller arrays according to specific patterns in c#

I would like to split an array of double values into smaller chunks of array…For example lets say I have an infinite sized array test = { x0, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7,… } and I want to split them into 3 separate array with a={x0,x3,x6,x9,…}, b={x1,x4,x7,x10,..} and c={x2,x5,x8,x11,..}.. 125 more words

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Bermotorsikal ke Thale Noi dan Phru Khuan Khi Sian Wetlands di Phattalung, Thailand (4 - 6 Oktober 2014)

Ini merupakan kunjungan kali kedua menggunakan jentera Honda CRF250 ke Thailand. Kali ini kami telah berkembara ke sebuah “province” di Thailand yang agak kurang dikunjungi oleh pelancong luar iaitu Phattalung. 1,796 more words


The 31 Days of Halloween (Week One)

With the previous flip of the calendar page, we now find ourselves at a very special place: the beginning of the 31 Days of Halloween. After much thought, I’ve finally nailed down the lineup for this week’s viewings. 318 more words