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Christmas Break

Louise’s Notebook is taking a Christmas holiday from blogging.

We wish all of our readers and followers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 9 more words


It's so.....SHINY.

*loud wheezing* LOOK AT THIS *hold out palms* Innocent and slightly-afraid bystander: “..There- there’s nothing there, Jessi-” IT’S A NOMINATION. I WAS NOMINATED. *innocent and extremely afraid bystander flees* WHERE ARE YOU GOING *manic laughter* 895 more words


600,000 Views...Wow!

We just had a historic blog moment at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers.

I checked my WordPress dashboard and saw that my counter was at… 303 more words



I’ve got so much to be thankful for. Being so caught up in my own melancholy has made me forget how to enjoy life somewhat, but I’m slowly starting to appreciate things again. 586 more words


Let's Carry Giorgio's Torch

Today we mourned the passing away of Giorgio Ungania, a person who influenced the life of many in the UAE, a person who touched so many lives, believed in so many ideas from our community, supported the youth endlessly, and most importantly, believed in grooming talents from within the country, and what a sad news to end the year with. 591 more words


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeh. Is that so? =]

I love people who state the obvious. Like everyone else is too stupid to figure it out themselves. You is SUPER smaaart pease teach me moar ! ?!

Thank you

In the past year I discovered how important life is. Actually in the end I already gave up on me. I felt alone and unwanted and I also had thoughts I shouldn’t have had. 107 more words