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Gratitude turns what we have into enough

Today I am feeling extremely thankful. I am so blessed to have what I do. I have struggled recently to find something to hold on too and get me through when really it is staring me straight in the face. 241 more words

Daily Blog

Good News!

Happy weekend, guys! I hope things are going well. Other than getting groceries, we just stayed in. Laundry, cleaning, made some soup…reading, baking, rented a movie. 

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Mi Casa. Meine Heimat. Ma Maison...My Home

Hey you!!

I just want to give you guys a glimpse of my new abode. Moved in on December 1st with my awesome roommate Tess. (yes, Jess & Tess) We’ve been working on making our apartment as warm and welcoming as possible. 305 more words

Ten Things of Thankful the non-jumbled version #84

I was so busy with Squish and #1000speak and collapsing into an exhausted pile of goo at the end of the day I have not had time to even think about writing my thankful’s daily.In it’s own special way that is also a thankful.   529 more words

People can get trapped in the fallacy of future happiness.

“When I turn 18 (or 21 or 30 or some other magical number)…  When I get my house paid off…  When I get that promotion at work…  When I get this weight off…  When my spouse finally understands me…then I’ll have it made!” 19 more words


Evening Moment

The sun slips behind the trees and another day has gone by. I wonder sometimes at the passing of this life, and yet, there’s so much beauty all around me. 83 more words


The Holiday Card You Didn’t Receive This Year

Each holiday season, families get flooded with delightful holiday cards. Some include creative pictures while others entail handwritten wishes. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, you might get the full family update: a nice paragraph dedicated to each family member outlining their past year’s highlights. 843 more words