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Even though it’s not Thanksgiving anymore, there are still a lot of reasons to be thankful.  I thought I’d list of just a few of the things that I’m thankful for (in no order!): 29 more words


(For Now) Hey guys,

So I know I haven’t been present for like ever, due to my friend, writers block; because, I literally have all these new ideas yet I have no way to communicate them to you guys. 317 more words


I'm thankful for Dance

“Through time, through the ages, what endures is mostly art. Art seems to be everything humankind leaves to its heirs – whether through buildings or books or paintings or music. 254 more words


Things I Want to Be Thankful For...Next Year

Here’s some stuff I want to be thankful for next year:

An augmented reality app that puts Star Wars stuff over the real world.

Felt toy Shrimp that say, “Onomatopoeia”  I don’t know why. 144 more words


Can we please move on to 24?

So this year has been a roller coaster. My highs have been really high, and the lows have been really low. Basically i have experienced both extreme ends of the spectrum, with very few instances being an in between. 854 more words


The Gratefulness in Trivial Objects

The setup:

Work retail;
dead September to mid November;
minimal hours and just above minimum wage.

payday allocated to bills;
planned packed lunches, dinner, coffee, and tea because poor. 65 more words

Give Thanks

I have a lot to be thankful for this past year. I like to think back to where I was exactly a year ago today and what I was doing. 585 more words

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