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A Grateful Post

As January 2015 comes to a close, I’d like to take the time to express my thanks to a certain group of people who I’ve known for less than a year (almost 5 months to be exact), but has influenced me a lot in my first few months in college, 2,594 miles away from home. 146 more words



Two weeks ago I really hurt my foot. Like, accidentally stubbed my toe/kicked the shit out of my vacuum trying to rush out the door to yoga… I screamed expletives and then shook it off and proceeded to go to yoga. 197 more words

The Definition of a Good Night

Last night I had a fire with one of my friends. We started drinking some wine and I went a little overboard. I started feeling the effects, but I did not realize how bad it was until I tried to walk. 333 more words

True Parenting

Growing up as an only child raised by my father, I always begged him to give me a brother or sister. I didn’t care how he did it, I just pleaded with him to do it. 126 more words


joy journal - January 31, 2015

I am grateful for  a lot of things today;

1. Goodness, kindness, and peace… how great are these? I love it when I too can see things with these qualities. 343 more words



I just love this day. I am so thankful that I ended the month with a bang. I have reached my target revenue and survey rating for the month of January and that was awesome. 103 more words


Finger puppets and Thankful Thaturday

We meet again!
Due to some technical difficulties, I didn’t get to blog this week, but here I am with a combo crafty/thankful post.

After searching Walmart, Target, Nurtured, Amazon, and Ebay for puppets, and coming up with nothing cost effective, or nothing at all in some cases, I took to Pinterest to make my own. 159 more words