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Migraine on a Friday?! You MUST be joking!

There are a million things that I can say are great and I’m such a very loved and blessed woman!!! That being said the weather has changed, I have a dreadful headache. 275 more words


Todays thoughts .. Trying times

     I’m sitting at my kitchen table eating some hummus I made and trying to think of what to talk about. My husband gets off work in about 15 minutes and I am thinking about taking us to Fuddruckers for dinner even though we are poor as they come lol but they are about the only place around where I live that serves a veggie burger .. 643 more words


Family, finals, and feelings

I cried today and yes, it was a beautiful moment.
I realized that I miss my dad. Tomorrow is his birthday and being away from home doesn’t make it any easier. 26 more words

Thank You

I thought another post was due. I use this blog to work out my frustrations about things a lot, it’s very therapeutic but if I only blog when I’m frustrated it leaves for one sad story and it isn’t how life is all the time. 310 more words

the end is nigh

Medicine for the soul.
- Inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes

It is absolutely crazy to think my time at the Library is coming to a close already.

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15 Followers, or WOW THANK YOU OH MY GOSH

Hello, Creatures!

So I was browsing the internet, and went to check my email. I realized I got one about a new follower, and wondered…”Huh. How many of those do I have again?” The answer: 15.  153 more words


Day 234/365: Aug 22, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A working broom thanks to my helpful hubby armed with hot glue.
  • Gideon’s first babyccino (steamed milk) – thanks to a friendly barista.
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