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Thankful Thursday

It’s that time again!  Quick, what are you thankful for today?

Here’s mine:

  • Days at the zoo!
  • Friends who make time to meet the little one and I at the zoo – of all places!
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Swing life away

I am in the process of training to volunteer at a hospice. I don’t know if I am prepared for this experience. I feel like it will be a “trip” and time well spent. 389 more words

Thankful Thursday 7-24-14

It’s funny, after over a year of doing this, I’m starting to find that whether I feel like I had a “good” week or a “blah” week kind of depends on how I’m feeling when I sit down to look back over it. 615 more words



Today I’m thankful:

That I’m alive

For my family

For the sun that’s shinning through my bedroom window

For the bed that I’m sitting on as I type this… 69 more words


One Hundred Years Ago

One hundred years ago today, July 24, 1914, somewhere in Massachusetts a baby boy was born. I don’t know much about his childhood or even his family. 430 more words


spoiled eggs

I think it’s going to be slightly easier to do these lists as a follow up/do them the day after, you know?? That way I’m not half asleep when I type them :~) anyway! 182 more words


Two Words That Brighten Every Morning

It was about twelve years ago that I met my friend Joe Rich. When I met Joe, he spent some evenings instructing classes at the Dale Carnegie Institute and I noticed something about him that I think very well may have come from his training there. 337 more words