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Thanks in advance

So uhhhh as you guys know i like writing stuff >.>

but Ive been kinda busy cos I’m in India and i don’t have very stable wifi… 77 more words


100 Views In 1 Day!

Thanks everyone! I just hit 100 views in one day for the first time! I know that’s nothing compared to other blogs, but I’m still excited!

Thanks again!


Thank You #10

Ok, so I’m going to get all quick questions about my last thank you post really quickly before thanks. Yes I do have depression, no my parents don’t know (mainly because they always forget or don’t believe me), no I will not stop blogging (I may be depressed but I am still loyal), I am doing slightly better than before, depression is usually a daily thing for me, and last but not least, no I am not telling you this for pity ( I just want to clear up misunderstandings and help you guys understand that I am a human that struggles too) 108 more words


I truly understood the meaning of friends, when in my time of need for support, I could depend on my friends when normally I would be ringing my parents and crying my eyes out. 70 more words


Alphabet Challenge!

Hi everyone!

Soooo, there’s this new thing I’d like to try =)
I’ve searched around on the internet, and found several poetry challenges. This one really got my attention. 277 more words


Some thoughts on book recommendations

I don’t have a review today.  The reason for this is that I am reading my massive ‘Collected Tales of H.P Lovecraft’, which is over 1000 pages and I am also reading ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf.  717 more words