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Today is Thanksgiving. “Le Thanksgiving” does not exist in France, but we are making it happen, bien sur! Who would give up the opportunity to eat stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie?? 823 more words


I have been terrible about updating this blog in the last few weeks, but I figured I should get back into it before the program ends. 872 more words

Friendsgiving in Ascoli Piceno: 27 November 2014

A Mexican Thanksgiving Dinner

The hardest part about being away for Thanksgiving is missing out on spending my favorite holiday with my family back in Kentucky. 1,147 more words

Au Pair

Belize Thanksgiving - a new perspective

Living in Belize for almost four weeks has taught me a lot about the necessities of life. I see now that I take many small luxuries of America for granted, for instance the ability to flush toilet paper. 1,074 more words

Ode to a Storage Unit (and a Happy Thanksgiving!)

Storage units, I have come to learn, are a psychological device which enable us to move on – delude us into believing we will return, need this stuff, and effortlessly slip into our old life. 889 more words


The Sun and the Snow

I’m thinking about all the Thanksgivings when my uncle would proudly declare, “Every day is Thanksgiving!” In my family- Thanksgiving is sacred. We didn’t always make turkey. 374 more words

Day Dream

A Very Hungarian Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving I worked and festered and ultimately swore I would never do that again. Hungarian friends wished me a Happy Thanksgiving, but somehow, that just made me feel worse. 773 more words