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Yesterdays list was long – so long that i had to add stuff sideways on the paper.  There wasn’t even room for a chicken to scratch next to my atrocious writing.  453 more words

Roast Turkey Breast With Herbs

Adapted for kosher cooking from Lynda’s Recipe Box, which adapted it from Ina Garten.

Serves 1 person per half pound of meat.

Turkey Recipes

What language

“What language shall I borrow/To thank Thee dearest Friend,/For this Thy dying sorrow,/Thy pity without end?”

(Bernard of Clairvaux, from “O Sacred Head Once Wounded”)


A Cranberry Sauce :))) Tradition,

In our home Cranberry Sauce is a tradition everyone looks forward too.

It’s a simple and delicious side for a Thanksgiving meal or zesty treat over an ice cream Sundae. 152 more words


holiday dinner memories

I have been spending Christmas and New Year’s Day with my partner’s Greek side of the family for about four years now. Easter is arriving in a few days, and I’ve been thinking about the differences in the holiday dinners that our families prepare. 371 more words


Winter's Last Kiss

It’s “Poetry Day” in our homeschool, and it is snowing. Again. In April.

So here’s the poem I wrote after sipping what I hope will be my last cup of hot cocoa for a long while. 91 more words


Jesus Tweeting

Recently, I bought the book Tweet Inspiration by Mark Hart. I haven’t had a chance to read much of it, but man is it good! Mark Hart is a fabulous author, and this book is truly inspirational. 901 more words

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