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Can You Guess Number of Calories in a Thanksgiving feast? Let’s Find It Out!

To calculate the number of calories in a Thanksgiving meal Rossen Reports team organized an early holiday dinner for the Lemieux family of Monroe, Connecticut, including turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese, and stuffing. 119 more words

Best Calories In Daily Food

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i am thankful for words.words help me to get my crazy and also the practically sane thoughts out of why head. that is good. the crazy thoughts can hold me prisoner in my own mind while releasing the more sane thoughts might be an aid to other people in their own journey. 164 more words


2014 Thanksgiving Thankful's

I’ve gotten in to this habit of telling myself to say 5 things I’m grateful for when I’m in a nervous mood, or whenever I’m having a bad day, or when I’m missing my puppy girl Bernice. 428 more words

Personal Updates

How to slow cook a turkey...

It turns out cooking turkey is easy: go real low, go real slow and build your marinade with care.

Here’s what I did:

Marinade: We like to do a Mexican theme for Thanksgiving, so the marinade was pimento style this year. 422 more words


In a million years, I never thought I would be sitting on my bed during Thanksgiving writing a blog and wishing I had my deodorant from back home. 304 more words


The Calm on the Day After

By longstanding tradition there is no news worth writing about on the day after Thanksgiving, and this is probably for the best. Between the lingering soporific effects of the turkey and the noisome distraction of the disconcertingly premature Christmas music that is already on the radio it would be difficult to deal with a real issue. 441 more words


What a Great Day

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving. This isn’t going to be the typical “I’m thankful for…” blog post.

Today was the first Thanksgiving that I can recall where I wasn’t bound up in anxiety over the amount of food that was around me or worrying about what everyone would think as I ate. 675 more words