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Voices of Nature by Pamela Beckford and Kirsten A - A Review of a Poetry Collection

Are you wondering how to spend a lazy spring or almost spring afternoon? My advice would be to read the poetry collection Voices of Nature… 153 more words


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A lovely review of Voices of Nature. Thank you Ellespeth

40 Days of Revival: Lent Day 36: A Heart of PRAISE - CELEBRATE HIS GRACE

In Old Testament times, there was only one entrance to the tabernacle – the place where one would go to meet with God. Once an Israelite entered the gate into the outer court with his sacrifice he was standing on ‘holy ground.’ Under the new covenant, Christ is the gate; the ‘one way’ by which we enter into God’s presence.  154 more words

Let this be our daily prayer:

“Help me to cleave to Thee, Lord Jesus,
with full purpose of heart;
help me to do Thy will,

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Nice day for a drive

Warren has been retired for several years. But he has a couple part time jobs. One is driving for a car dealership picking up used cars or doing dealer trades. 184 more words


Keeping It Candid

Can we all just take a moment and think about how much I hate candid? It isn’t the challenge or the pictures, but what people expect. 258 more words


I Still Have the Trophy

At times it feels like my entire childhood revolved around trophies. Having been raised in a very performance-driven home, my brother and I were sent to Chinese school every Sunday afternoon. 833 more words