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I want to work at my new job until I die

I always found it interesting that the human mind and body can adjust to almost anything to make it seem normal and routine. And I didn’t realize that, even though I actively looked for different jobs, my mind, body and expectations were beginning to accept the conditions of my last job as normal. 249 more words

Mila Kunis Was Working At Rite Aid's Ice Cream Counter While 'That '70s Show' Was On The Air

Mila Kunis dropped by The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, and during the interview she described her strict upbringing. Apparently when she was cast on… 125 more words


Happy Monday!

You just never know when that moment will arrive.

So many of the greatest things that happen to us occur when we don’t expect something great to happen to us. 39 more words

Of Belchers

I hadn’t seen an episode of I Love Lucy until last year when I had to binge-watch it for a Writing for TV class. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and at the end my overall feeling is one of ‘meh.’ I mean, it’s notable for what it pioneered, but I guess it’s not so much up my alley. 537 more words

I said GOOD DAY!

The first day of the final month of 2014 has arrived, another Memoir Monday arriving to meet it.

Last week’s challenge was to write freely, on anything I had on my mind. 321 more words

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Musical Television

I love musical television, and I’m not talking Glee. I’m talking about the television shows that only have one (or maybe two) musical episode. From my extensive Googling (not really that extensive for the record) the first musical episode of television happened in… 163 more words