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That Awkward Moment When....

You realise you know what age all the horses are but had to think for a minute to remember what age your siblings are.

You wonder what that smell in the supermarket is and then realise it’s you. 642 more words


That Awkward Moment When...#347

You’re out to eat with a vegetarian friend

And they order the “Chili beef with green beans, please?”

wait for it. 


“Um, aren’t you a vegetarian?” 11 more words

That Awkward Moment When

That awkward moment when you don't know her name

The other day I walked into the nail salon in my town and was greeted with enthusiastic grins and salutations. As I sat down to get a manicure and catch up on… 613 more words

Modern Life

Relatable Awkward Moments

We all have our awkward moments. There is even an entire Twitter movement devoted to the subject. Whether it is a miscommunication or the moment does not include any communication at all, we always walk away with some embarrassing and uncomfortable story to tell. 41 more words

That Awkward Moment When...

It started out as a creaking. The sounds of metal crunching together. It’s getting closer. The sound is getting louder and appears to be faster. You hear the creaking get closer, and closer, and closer. 106 more words